Man Tries to Shoot Akron Officer, Gun Misfires


Javon Spells misfired gun Akron Police

Javon Spells

Akron, OH- An Akron Officer still has his life today thanks to a robbery suspect’s handgun that failed to fire. The suspect, 20-year-old Javon Spells, had attempted to rob a citizen at gunpoint who was able to run away, uninjured. After a search for Spells, he was located at a nearby apartment complex. When approached by a police officer, spells produced a handgun and pulled the trigger, in an attempt to murder that police officer. We are fortunate that most criminals don’t take proper care of their firearms, as you can see appears to be the case in the picture of the gun below.

Gun misfired during attempted shooting of Akron police officer

Gun misfired during attempted shooting of Akron police officer

WEWS News Net 5 reports:

“He pointed that gun at the officer. He knew he was a police officer and he pulled the trigger in an attempt to shoot the officer,” said Captain Dan Zampelli. “Thankfully for our officer, the gun misfired. God was on our side yesterday.”

Police continued to follow him into a wooded area and then spotted him near a plastics company on Kelly Avenue.

That’s when Officer Darren McConnell released his K9, named Recon, to assist in the arrest.

“He hopped out of the car, took off after the guy and ended up biting him in the back of the leg and they both kind of tumbled on some landscaping rocks,” McConnell said.

Recon bit Spells and held him until officers could take him into custody, his handler explained.

Spells is charged with felonious assault, aggravated robbery, assaulting a police dog, carrying a concealed weapon and having weapons under disability.

Attempted murder on a cop, assaulting a K9 and trying to rob a citizen, this is one youth who does not deserve to be a part of our society. Clearly Spells has no respect for life or laws. Thankfully no one was hurt this time. Although, we’re sure he will be released early for good behavior or get a great plea deal so he can get back at it soon enough.