Media Paints Soft Picture Of Cop-Killer Who Ambushed Lt. Allan, Shot Him 14 Times

Jason Brown was identified as the oxygen thief who killed Lt. Aaron Allen.

Jason Brown was identified as the oxygen thief who killed Lt. Aaron Allen.

Media Reports That Jason Brown Was A Nice Guy, After He Shot Lt. Aaron Allen 14 Times

Indianapolis, IN –  The suspect who killed Lt. Aaron Allen has been identified as Jason Brown, and for some damn reason, at least one news station feels the need to paint an image of the killer as a soft, loving father.

Lieutenant Allan was murdered on Thursday, July 27 when he and Homecroft Police Major C.T. Bowman responded to a traffic crash, according to Fox News.

Upon arrival, Major Bowman said the vehicle had overturned, and that one of the occupants, Jason Brown, was hanging by his seatbelt upside down inside the vehicle.  Major Bowman said that Brown was “hysterical”, and that Lieutenant Allan told him to be calm.

He said that Lieutenant Allan climbed inside the car, and that as he turned to talk with a female witness, he heard 10 or 12 shots, then a break, then two or three additional shots.

Court records show that Lieutenant Allan was shot 14 times.  He was transported to Eznekazi Hospital where he later died.

Brown remains hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.  He has been arrested under a preliminary murder charge and has also been charged with marijuana possession.  He is being held without bond until a Tuesday, August 1 court hearing.  Police have not released a motive.

He is a tattoo artist, and his previous criminal history consists of four infractions and one misdemeanor.  The misdemeanor was from 2013 for possession of marijuana or a synthetic cannabinoid. He was given a sentence of 30 days in jail after being found guilty.

RTV6 also spoke to people who knew Brown, who presented him as a “shy, timid” person who is a loving father. The news station did a whole piece whole piece about how people say he’s not a bad guy.

“Jason’s just not a person who will go out here a wave a gun or shoot a cop,” Traci Wagner said. “He’s not strung out on drugs. He doesn’t drink. So where this all came into play, I have no idea.”

This description was subsequently picked up by other news outlets.

Of course, this is the oxygen thief who shot an officer 14 times for trying to help him.


Peg McLeish, spokesman for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, said that prosecutors are expected to decide on filing formal murder charges this coming week.

The second person in the car wasn’t arrested but remains hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.  It is not known if that person’s injuries are the result of the traffic crash or if he was shot when police returned fire.

Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn said that no one can understand what happened, because Lieutenant Allan was only trying to help.

Chief Vaughn said that the vehicle that was involved in the crash was not stolen, and that Brown didn’t have any outstanding warrants.

Lieutenant Allan, age 38, was a six-year veteran of the Southport Police Department, and had about 14 years of previous law enforcement experience.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help Lieutenant Aaron’s family with expenses.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family of fallen hero Southport Police Lieutenant Aaron Allan.