Jamie Urton Executed In The Street As He Begged For Mercy, Suspect Deonte Baber On The Loose

Deonte Baber (left) is wanted for the murder of Jamie Urton (right.)

Deonte Baber (left) is wanted for the murder of Jamie Urton (right.)

Deonte Baber Wanted For Jamie Urton’s Murder

Cincinnati, OH – 44-year-old Jamie Urton (pictured right) was brutally murdered, moments after what witnesses say was a total accident, in which a 4-year-old boy was struck with his car.  Police are on the hunt for the suspect, Deonte Baber.

A said witness said that on March 24th, Urton was returning to work from a lunch break when he appeared to become distracted by a group of people shouting and acting aggressively towards cars. The witness said Urton looked toward the drivers side when the 4-year-old boy dashed into Kenton Street on the passenger side and was struck by Urton’s vehicle.

“So he (Urton) was looking out his driver’s side and hit the kid on the right side because he didn’t know what was going on,” the witness told WLWT.

Jamie Urton immediately stopped after hitting the child.

That is when the man with the child, later identified as his father, Jamall Killings and 25-year-old Deonte Baber attacked Urton.  “You could hear him wailing, saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’  The guy was reaching in the window, beating him up in the window.”

That is when witnesses say Baber pulled a gun and shot Urton. He continued to shoot, even after Uton was dead.

“He just fell, he just stopped and they kept going at, after he stopped.  They kept shooting him.  After his arms dropped and there was no life left in him anymore, they shot him again.”

“He didn’t mean to do it.  He was bawling his eyes out, saying he was sorry, begging for mercy, basically, and they shot him,” the witness said.

During a 911 call later released by the Cincinnatti Police Department and reported by WLWT, you can hear a full confession from one man in his bizarre attempt to comfort the 4-year-old.

“You’re ok?  And I took care of that dude.  I killed him.  He dead.  He dead.  That dude that hit you by the car, he dead.  I killed him.  I’m serious, he’s dead.  The dude that hit you with the car, I killed him, Jamal.  He dead.  You hear me?  He’s dead.  I killed him.”

The child sustained non life-threatening injuries and was briefly treated at the hospital before being released.

While these monsters took matters in to their own hands in some sort of twisted form of being a vigilante in which you murder someone in cold blood in front of your child, friends and families of Urton are left devastated by the loss of who they call a good man.

There is a heavy silence as Urton’s co-workers grieve at the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired where Urton worked as a machine operator.  They were all given the day off for Urton’s funeral service.

“It was a shock, a total shock,” said CEO John Mitchell.  “Certainly he’ll be missed in the workplace but he’ll really be missed as a friend and somebody we can count on and a good guy.”

Our hearts go out to all affected by this horrendous incident.

Deonte Baber is still on the run, please spread his photo around so this killer had nowhere to hide. We have no doubt that the heroes Cincinnati PD are going to hunt Deonte Baber down and bring him to justice.