VIDEO: Disturbing Video Shows Disabled Man Drown While Group Of Teens Laugh And Mock Him

Disabled man, Jamel Dunn, drowned on video while teens laughed.

Disabled man, Jamel Dunn, drowned on video while teens laughed.

Video Shows Jamel Dunn Drown While Teens Laugh

Brevard County, FL –  A group of teenagers watched a disabled adult man drown in a retention pond, and recorded it while they mocked and made fun of him.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 9, when Jamel Dunn, age 32, drowned.  His fiancee reported him missing on July 12, and his “badly decomposed” body was found on Friday, July 14.  A family friend discovered the video on social media late last week, and contacted police in Brevard County, according to Fox News.

The video is about one minute long, and police described it as “extremely disturbing”, according to Florida Today.

Police said that Jamel Dunn had been at the pond after an argument with his fiancee, who was not identified.  She left after about 10 – 15 minutes to run errands.

In the video, the teenagers can be heard laughing and mocking Dunn as he struggles in the water, and screams for someone to help him. One teen can be heard yelling, “Get out the water, you gonna die”.  Another can be heard yelling, “Ain’t nobody fixing to help you, you dumb (expletive).” As Dunn goes under, one of the teens said, “Oh, he just died.”

Police said that none of the teens, who are between 14- and 16-years-old, called 911 or tried to help Dunn in any way.  Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Cocoa Police Department, told Florida Today that the teenagers “…laughed the whole time.”

She said that Dunn was “…just screaming for someone to help him.”  The teens were reported to have been hanging out at the area near the pond, “smoking marijuana” all day.

The teens have been identified, although no names were released, and have been interviewed by police. One of the teens who was questioned by police stared straight ahead during the interview, while his distraught mother sat beside him and cried.  Martinez said that he had no remorse, “only a smirk.”

Dunn’s family members were shocked at the callous indifference of the teenagers.  His sister, Simone Scott, said in a social media post, “(Okay), I agree they don’t have to help, but they should have called 9-1-1.”

She said, “My brother is disabled and walks with a cane…please make it make sense to me.”

Jamel Dunn is survived by two young daughters, and several family members.

Police sent the case to the Brevard County State Attorney’s Office, but prosecutors were unable to find a crime that the teens could be charged with, since ‘they were not directly involved in Dunn’s death’.

In a statement, the Brevard County State Attorney’s Office said:

“We are deeply saddened and shocked at both the manner in which Mr. Dunn lost his life and the actions of the witnesses to this tragedy. While the incident depicted on the recording does not give rise to sufficient evidence to support criminal prosecution under Florida statutes, we can find no moral justification for either the behavior of persons heard on the recording or the deliberate decision not to render aid to Mr. Dunn.”

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING – Disturbing content:

  • Up Huff

    Post the names of the teenagers who took the video. They are the scum of the Earth.

    • allbuss84

      And that will do what? Shaming people only works if they care or have something to lose, like a career.

    • Highest common denominator

      Why? What they did was wrong, not illegal.

      • Craven Morehead

        There are laws on the books requiring that people at least notify law enforcement of and/or seek aid for strangers in peril under certain conditions. Will it be enforced? Probably not.

        • Highest common denominator

          Then your issue would be with legislators. Since nothing happened, it’s probably not a law where they are.

          • Vlad D. Impaler

            They were charged. It may be legal to sit there and watch someone die, it is not legal, however to walk away after a death. You must notify authorities of the death.

          • Highest common denominator

            Ah well that should be an easy case.

          • Michael Petch

            Did you see the very end of my post. I said this “The funny thing is that the police want the DAs to attempt to charge them as a misdemeanor since there is a new law in that state that requires reporting dead bodies to the medical examiner etc (although this has never been tested in court yet for a situation like this)”

            Those charges have nothing to do with not calling 911. they have to do with a new law in that state that require reporting bodies to the medical examiner.

          • HeyMon328

            Thanks so much for your input and comments!

        • Michael Petch

          Actually in most jurisdiction in the US there is no requirement for anyone who owes no duty to help or rescue another person (including calling 911). If there is no duty owed negligence doesn’t apply. in essence if you are a complete stranger to someone you owe them no duty of care if they are in distress. And with no duty of care you can’t be negligent. With no negligence there is no liability.

          • Craven Morehead

            Not charged criminally in that state, but family could file a civil suit against these witnesses for failure to summon assistance from first responders which led to this man’s death.

          • HeyMon328

            That’s not quite true Mr. Petch! I’m a California State Certified Medical Assistant. I was taught in my classes that anyone who has the remotest first aid knowledge, should at least render some basic aid. While these immoral fools were laughing on the shore, they were using a cell phone to film his death. If they had an ounce of decency (which obviously they didn’t!) they could have called 911 to help this man and prevent him from drowning!!!

          • Michael Petch

            If a medical professional is in this situation they may actually have duty of care that the average person doesn’t. This is also true for teachers in a school who may have a duty of care over kids. That is why my post says “who owes no duty of care” as there are exceptions since there are classes of individuals who may have a duty of care. But a typical stranger that has no duty of care has no legal requirement to help (even meaning they don’t have to call 911), it is entirely a question of morality. Family members may also have a duty of care that strangers don’t.

            The funny thing is that the police want the DAs to attempt to charge them as a misdemeanor since there is a new law in that state that requires reporting dead bodies to the medical examiner etc (although this has never been tested in court yet for a situation like this)

        • Robert Pierro

          Unfortunately the only law that obligates one to render assistance is a moral one…. Obviously these scumbags don not have any……

  • Lawman49

    WOW.. Where to start… Law or no laws, these “high” clowns would not have helped anyone because they are “chillin”.. They are “cool” with that… I just hope each of them find themselves in EXACTLY the same situation some day with the SAME result! Animals….

  • judy

    i hope im around when Karma comes to town for these ignorant and low life sons of bitches..

  • JZ P

    This is terrible, people like this make me sick. All of the people who were there should drop dead.

  • John Walden

    I think they should release the names of these low life little scumbags. Minors or not, everyone should know who these jerks are. I also think anyone who just stands by and watches someone die should be charged with at least manslaughter!

    • Highest common denominator

      No they shouldn’t. They didn’t cause his death. It’s highly immoral what they did, but not illegal.


    Only a bunch of low live savage animalistic negros could be capable of this type of inhumane behavior……..!

  • CarolinaCries

    Another case of Black Lives Matter only if whites are involved. Where is the BLM outrage? Oh there won’t be any because the immoral clowns recording are black so it’s ok. Scum to laugh and not try to help. At least call 911 geez.

    • Highest common denominator

      What does this have to do with fighting police brutality? Why would BLM respond to this?

      • Rich

        You can tell those were all Black kids and a White man drowning. Now don’t hand me this BS of nothing wrong with this. Reverse it and make the kids white and every BLM member would be going nuts b/c the white kids didn’t help.

        • Highest common denominator

          You’re not understanding me. Why would BLM, who protest against police brutality real or percieved, say anything about this? This has nothing to do with police action.

          Are you one of those people that think BLM is shorthand for all black people?

          • HeyMon328

            Jeeze dude! Get a grip. Where does this BLM come from? ALL lives matter!!!

          • Highest common denominator

            From above me, you fucking clown. Read the thread.

        • HoseasHand

          Jamal Dunn was a black man. No matter what color the victim was, to not at least call 911 and video this all the while mocking him was beyond despicable. Humankind is screwed and it is not due to climate change.

          • Highest common denominator

            I think you might just be witnessing your own mortality.

  • Patricia O’donnell

    This state attorney should be drowned and I will watch and laugh. You stupid sob resign your position if this is not a crime in your eyes. Show the faces and names of these dreadful teens and make their lives miserable.

    • hardresetamericadotcom

      The AG cannot make up a new law to fit a situation because people are morally outraged. I think these kids should be flogged along with their parent(s) for raising such horrible people, but you cannot stretch a law to fit some thing you don’t like.

      Maybe there should be a law that compels people to help, it just does not exist right now in the state of Florida. The good news is most likely these kids names will be exposed soon enough.

  • Leslie Nichols

    Wrongful death suit and it could be in civil court

    • hardresetamericadotcom

      Would never fly, they had no legal obligation to act.

  • allbuss84

    “Certain demographics…”

  • Wayne Adamski

    Those kids should never be allowed to walk among us again. At the very least they should be charged with manslaughter. The fact they didnt even bother calling 911 makes them accomplices to his death

    • Highest common denominator

      No it doesn’t. That’s not how accomplice works.

      • HeyMon328

        Okay wise guy, tell us all about the law!!! Don’t forget that all States independently have their own as well~

        • Highest common denominator

          The guy above made the claim, silly bitch. Ask him to explain where he’s wrong.

          • HeyMon328

            YOU are as rude as they come! What in the world is your problem? Are you off your meds? All you seem to do is act like you know it all. Highest Common Denominator isn’t the name for you at all. You may think you are, but you’re a rude LIBTARD in my book. Just don’t bother to have any conversation with me. I’ll talk to the others instead. the ones who seem to have far more compassion. You’re an angry soul.

          • Highest common denominator

            And you’re a snowflake. Don’t let names hurt your feelings, OR don’t call people names and get offended when they call you names back.

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh, I’m also not liberal. That’s as accurate as me calling you a racist.

          • HeyMon328

            I’ve turned your sorry ass in to Blue Lives Matter for calling me a “silly bitch” and someone else a “fucking clown.” I’ve asked them to block you from this site, as you’re a total a$$hole!

          • Highest common denominator

            So they do what, exactly? Put me in Internet jail?

            Further, here’s a little background info on why I can’t be banned from the site. The site is public, and theyre using Disqus as their comment section plugin. Nothing about disqus is private, and if they could even be bothered to block the IP address I’m using now, I’d use another device.

            Good job wasting your time, though.

          • HeyMon328

            I didn’t waste my time at all. Even if they do nothing, at least there’s a complaint. My husband also remembers you from another blog. You’re an irritating asshole to everyone you touch…but OH! YOU LIKE THAT don’t you???

          • Highest common denominator

            Your husband definitely does not remember me, unless it’s from here.

            Is he gonna come beat me up now?

          • HeyMon328

            I also asked you to stop talking to me. From here on, I’ll totally ignore you. THAT will get your goat, huh????

          • Highest common denominator

            But you keep responding to me. Everything you’re claiming I’m doing, you’re doing.

          • Highest common denominator

            It’s funny how you think a website operates like a Walmart.

    • Michael Petch

      Strangers with no relationship to the person in distress have no duty of care in most jurisdictions (including but not limited to calling 911). Without duty of care, there can’t be negligence, and with that no liability.

    • imerimeri

      It is horrifying to know they walk among us.

  • The Professor

    A Godless Nation.

  • lobsterbait

    It is disgusting, they, the teenagers despicable, but let us not forget they were brought up by someone (parents most likely) and where did they fail to see the undisciplined and uncivilized children were deficient. Far too many like this and some blame goes to parents. As adults, they will soon be at the attention of the CJ system.

  • Wanda Ash Castleberry

    First: They were all minors so they would not release their names anyway (14-16). Second: Who says any of them even knew how to swim. Saving someone who is drowning is a lot harder than you would think especially if you are not a strong swimmer. They may just drawn both of you. Last: They should have called 911. But it is NOT a requirement. People do not want to get involved for a number of reasons.

    • Becky Costa

      It would be human nature to want to help, or the least is to call 911. These are not human beings, I want names, so we can watch our children, families and friends around these animals. They have no regard for human life as they laughed, mocked and joked and never tried to intervene or report a drowning.

  • Veronika Smith


    • Becky Costa

      Veronika, is that all you could say? this has nothing to do with being a “teen”, it’s called being a decent human being. g
      Go back to being a snowflake.

      • Veronika Smith

        lol ok you trans-commie

  • Robert Madley

    These are none human animals !

  • Red Mind in a Blue State

    Not even a call for help from these creeps ..they walk among us!

  • imerimeri

    And HOW did he GET in there???? Did THEY push him IN??????

  • Victoria Zwick

    Shame on these disgusting young men and shame on the parents who raised them. You can tell by the way they talk their education is poor; but their common decency is hugely lacking and that comes from their upbringing and what is in their hearts. These boys are just stupid heartless thugs!!! Shame on mom and dad!!!

  • Joe Gumminger

    Just to watch someone die is horrific, at best, but, to sit and do nothing and mock him is extremely upsetting. Isn’t it a law not to report this. If you can be held liable for not reporting or helping at the scene of an accident, isn’t this not the same……..

  • Grateful Fred

    I can’t watch the video, just can’t, but oh man would I love to see those animals get rough justice. Creatures such as they are make my blood boil.

  • Spicoli

    Just a matter of time before these low life scumbags are getting raped in prison.
    Karma is a bitch fellas

  • HeyMon328

    I’ve got this to say, and you can think whatever you want! Black folks don’t like to swim. Period. It gets their kinky hair even crazier, plus they actually don’t know how, nor do they care how to swim. They just want to wade in to their knees and pretend they’re cooling off. Sorry, but I’ve always seen an aversion to water in these folks!!!! …And I’ve lived on beaches all my 66 yrs of life!!!!!!

    • Highest common denominator

      Blanket statement, and wrong on top of that.

      • HeyMon328

        You’re certainly allowed to think what you want about me. I’m a conservative woman who’s served in the Army in the 8th Infantry Division in Germany. I’m also a former Lifeguard. I served with lots of black soldiers who were also friends, so don’t get your jock strap in a bind. I can think and say whatever I want to

        • Highest common denominator

          I’m not trying to stop what you say, I’m just letting you know your statement has plenty of holes. It seems your view of black people has been entirely shaped by the media, and I’d venture to guess you don’t know many black people on a personal level.

          There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, as our environments shape us. But to think blacks, as a whole, don’t swim, is ridiculous.

          • HeyMon328

            There’s a HOLE in your head, goober!!!

  • Rich Zebro
  • John Wirth

    These sickos should bound an tossed in the water. See how long they last. Bet’cha not one has a father figure in their home.