New ISIS Video Shows Picture And Video of Medford, Oregon Police


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New ISIS Video Shows Picture And Video of Medford, Oregon Police

Medford, Oregon – A new recruitment video made by ISIS shows video and pictures of several local Oregon police officers.

ISIS released a 20 minute recruitment video over the weekend which talks about 9/11 and shows images of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. (Editor’s Note: We aren’t showing the video because we won’t host terrorist propaganda on our website.)

The most bizarre thing about the video: there are the pictures and video of Medford Police Department officers. Medford, OR is a medium sized town with a population of 78,000 and a department with a little over 100 sworn officers. 

The new ISIS video shows clips of the Medford officers in role call, as well as clips of an officer standing by his car. The police department says that they aren’t too worried because the footage was most likely pulled from the old recruitment video below

This isn’t the first time that law enforcement has been threatened by ISIS. Last January the NYPD and the FBI released a statement warning officers to be cautious due to the Islamic State releasing a video urging the murder of “intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers, and civilians.”

Intelligence agencies are more worried about “lone wolf” attacks than anything else. Attacks like the one on NYPD officer Jesse Hartnett by Edward Archer, who claimed allegiance to ISIS. Officer Harnett was sitting in his patrol car when Archer ran up and fired several shots into the car, breaking Hartnett’s arm and causing nerve damage.

Fortunately, Hartnett’s mustache blocked most of the bullets and he was able to go on a few weeks later to throw the first pitch at a Phillies game, because f*** terrorism.

It’s dangerous out there officers. If it isn’t a criminal shooting at us, it’s some disillusioned Islamic nut-job. It’s more important now than ever to watch your six and look out for each other.