Man Steals Police Uniform And Car And Starts Conducting Traffic Stops, Has Friend Record

Isael Lima took his uncle's police vehicle and went around impersonating a sheriff's deputy.

Isael Lima took his uncle’s police vehicle and went around impersonating a sheriff’s deputy.

Isael Lima Faces Several Charges For Impersonating Deputy

Marion County, Florida – An 18-year-old man stole his uncle’s police uniform and vehicle and filmed himself conducting a traffic stop so that he could impress his girlfriend, according to police.

Isael Lima lives with Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Yoandy Miranda. While his uncle was out of town Sept. 23, Lima impersonated him, including having a friend film a traffic stop as well as talking to police officers at a convenience store while pretending to be a sheriff’s deputy, police said.

Lima was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, grand theft of a firearm, theft of law enforcement equipment from an emergency vehicle, armed burglary of a dwelling, and impersonating a law enforcement official, according to He is being held in Marion County jail on bonds totaling $33,000.

Deputy Miranda came from from a weekend trip and noticed that his police vehicle and locked bedroom had been entered but noted nothing was missing. He called detectives to investigate, the newspaper said.

On Saturday, Lima was involved in a disturbance at a convenience store and spoke with members of the Belleview Police Department and a Marion County Sheriff’s Office sergeant.

Lima identified himself as an off-duty Marion County sheriff’s deputy to the police. Police said the Marion County Sheriff’s Office sergeant wasn’t familiar with Deputy Miranda so didn’t realize that Lima was an impostor.

However, the next day Deputy Miranda told the sergeant about this home and patrol vehicle being possibly burglarized and that’s when the sergeant realized he had met someone else at the convenience store.

Lima later said he broke into his uncle’s room and took his uncle’s uniform and vehicle. Lima also said he picked up a friend who filmed a traffic stop and then stopped by his girlfriend’s house to impress her, police said.