WATCH: Interview with #FedExGuy Matt Uhrin, ‘I’m Not A Hero’

#FedExGuy Matt Uhrin was interviewed by KCRG.

#FedExGuy Matt Uhrin was interviewed by KCRG.

#FedExGuy Matt Uhrin Interviewed

Iowa City, Iowa – Local news station KCRG was able to catch up with #FedExGuy, Matt Uhrin, after he became famous for saving an American flag from flag burners.

A group of protesters had gathered on Thursday around noon in front of the pedestrian mall to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and a number of other issues, according to KCRG.  Bystanders began recording the gathering as the group attempted to torch a few American flags.

FedEx driver Matt Uhrin then jumped in and began extinguishing the flames with a fire extinguisher.  He saved the flags from being torched any further and told them if they don’t like the flag then get out!  The protesters said the act was done to fight fascism and one onlooker added that this was no way to build unity.

Matt Uhrin has since become famous with the hashtag #FedExGuy.

KCRG interviewed him on camera (sorry, news station video, you may have to endure an advertisement):

We support Matt Uhrin for standing up for America and our military heroes. Thank you, sir.

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