Randy Sutton Responds To The International Chiefs of Police Apology To Minorities

International Chiefs of Police President

International Chiefs of Police President Chief Cunningham

Randy Sutton Responds To The International Chiefs of Police Apology To Minorities

We have buried four Law enforcement Officers this week, the same week as the International Chiefs of Police Convention. The President of that organization could have honored these officers by addressing the War on Cops, but did he?

I waited for a few hours after I read this article to comment upon it. I did so, because I wanted to collect my thoughts before I wrote something that I might regret later. That being said, I would like to ask this of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), just where have you been the last two years as street cops have been gunned down and brutally murdered all over this nation? Did I somehow miss your outrage at these crimes and your leadership in combating them? Where were you as good cops were persecuted and prosecuted unjustly for simply protecting themselves and doing their duty? Oh yes, now I remember, it was Chiefs of Police who threw their troops under the proverbial bus in order to protect their own careers and the stars on their collars.

Now we have this. The President of the International Chiefs of Police has finally spoken out!. Yes, after more than 200 shootings of Law Enforcement Officers so far this year, 55% percent higher murders of cops so far this year, ambushes of cops taking place at numbers never before seen, the President of the IACP Wellesley Mass. Chief Terrence Cunninham has finally decided to address the American public and the 900,000 Law Enforcement Officers who are risking their lives every day. And after years of silence as the flag draped coffins of good cops are lowered into the ground and police families are left to suffer the loss what does he have to say? He apologizes to the country, not for the ineffective and political motivated leadership that is getting cops killed, but for the “historical mistreatment of minorities.”

Yes, you read that correctly. He addressed some 16,000 Chiefs in San Diego blaming the police for “the mistrust between many communities of color and their law enforcement agencies”. Would you like to know how the 16,000 Chiefs responded to this? Well, sit down and take your blood pressure meds because you won’t believe it. WITH A STANDING OVATION!. Yep, and Al Sharpton, he must have been laughing his ass off as he commented that he welcomed the apology by Cunninham but also said he “wants his words backed by action”. Hmmmmm what action do you think he means? Perhaps skewering more cops when they defend themselves from attacks?

I am contacted by hundreds of American Law Enforcement Officers from all over this country weekly. I get emails, private messages, public comments on social media and phone calls and do you want to know the most common fear of these officers? It’s not the physical dangers, it’s not the criminals they confront daily, it’s their own Police Chiefs and leadership! This is our national law enforcement disgrace and it is personified in guys like the International Chiefs of Police President who decided to use his position to forward the agenda of those who would blame the police instead of the men and women who are literally dying for their communities.

Great job Chief Cunningham, I’m sure your job is now secure. I pity your poor cops.