People Call FEMA’s 1-800 Number For Hurricane Relief, Get Offered Different Kind Of Relief

Hurricane Irma is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.

FEMA tweeted a phone sex number to people instead of their number.

FEMA Tweets Phone Sex Number

People called a 1-800 number released by FEMA to get help with their hurricane-damaged roofs, but they were instead greeted by offers for phone sex.

FEMA initially tweeted a number for its Operation Blue Roof, which gets people sturdy blue tarps to place on their damage roofs to prevent leakage. The number they tweeted out was 1-800-ROOF-BLU.

Except the actual FEMA number is supposed to be a 1-888 number, not a 1-800 number.

People who called the number tweeted by FEMA were greeted by a phone sex recording, “Welcome to America’s hottest talk line. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press ‘1’ to connect, free, now.”

After discovering the error, FEMA deleted the old tweet and released an updated tweet with the correct number.

Nobody appears to have clued in Tampa’s Office of Emergency Management, as their Twitter account is still advertising the phone sex line as on Sunday night.


Maybe somebody should tell them.

And to make matters worse, the phone sex is not even free, as advertised. There’s no word on if the federal government is going to be investigating the phone sex line for false advertising.