The Legend Of Hugh Mungus Continues As A Meme

hugh mungus

The man. The myth. The legend. Mr. Hugh Mungus. (YouTube)

The Legend Of Hugh Mungus Continues As A Meme

Seattle, WA – A different angle showing Mr. Hugh Mungus’ antics has been released. He is now a meme.

A little bit of a back story behind Hugh Mungus:

Social justice warrior Zarna Joshi is an anti police protester. Joshi and her fellow social justice warriors are protesting the city building a new police station. One guy who is in support of building this police station had just finished an interview with a local news crew. Joshi tried to stir up trouble with him and asked him his name. He drops the biggest dad joke ever by saying “Hugh Mungus”. Joshi is triggered, loses her mind, and starts screaming that he sexually harassed her.

As Youtuber “thatistheplan” puts it:

If your ideology can just crumble at the hand of a single dad joke, you probably need to re-access your priorities in life.

Part of Joshi’s account as to what happened:

I was sexually harassed and then criminalized because I wouldn’t shut up about being sexually harassed. And the city wants to give these cops $160 million dollars to build a military bunker to “protect us”. The cops didn’t protect me. They didn’t look out for me. They didn’t give a damn. Why would they? They’re part of a gang that molests and criminalizes innocent people all the time.

Since we posted the original video showing just how crazy she is, a new angle from a different camera has been released:

Just when everyone thought that the Hugh Mungus incident was over and social justice warriors everywhere were sighing with relief, the internet turned Mr. Mungus into a meme. Popular meme wizard and comedian Ethan Klein released a hilarious video on his YouTube channel h3h3productions that breaks down the entire incident. H3h3’s video breakdown of the the whole situation gained 1.2 million views in 48 hours. Watch Ethan’s account of what happened below.

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