Houston Officer Nestor Garcia Fighting For His Life After Car Blows Through Felony Stop

Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia, 24, is fighting for his life after being hit and dragged by a drunk driver.

Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia, 24, is fighting for his life after being hit and dragged by a drunk driver.

Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia Critical

Houston, TX –  Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia, age 24, was critically injured on Wednesday morning, September 27, after being struck by a vehicle and then dragged.

Officer Garcia is fighting for his life after surgery on Wednesday morning.  Doctors said that he was in critical condition with injuries to his head and his abdomen, and multiple fractures.

The incident occurred about 2 AM during a traffic stop on U.S. 59 southbound, according to the Houston Chronicle. Officer Garcia saw a stolen vehicle, and followed it while waiting for backup.

When other officers arrived to assist, the vehicle was pulled over for a felony traffic stop in the emergency lane of U.S. 59.  One additional lane was blocked off, according to Click2Houston.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said that Officer Garcia moved to the right side of one of the police cruisers to give verbal commands to the suspect.  He said that a 79-year-old man driving a Toyota Highlander traveling 50 – 60 miles per hour struck Officer Garcia.

The driver, Robert Zimmerman, almost hit other police officers, and dragged Officer Garcia several feet.

Officer Garcia was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he remains hospitalized.  Houston EMS Physician Director David Persse said that most of his injuries could be treated but that they “…were concerned about the head injury”.

Persse said that a CAT scan would be done after Officer Garcia is out of surgery to determine the extent of his head injury.

Chief Acevedo said that Officer Garcia “was really sick.”  He said that he was “critical” and “what he has working for him is his youth.”

In a Wednesday morning press conference, he spoke out against drunk driving and urged drivers to slow down when police vehicles are on the highway.  Chief Acevedo said  “Our officer should not be right here fighting for his life.”

Joseph Gamaldi, vice president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union said, “We’re asking the entire Houston community please pray for the entire Garcia family right now.  Our entire blue family is going to rally around Officer Garcia and his family and make sure they get everything they need.”

Officer Garcia has been with the HPD since August, 2016.  He and his family are very close to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Zimmerman was charged with intoxication assault of a public servant.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia.  Get well, soon.

  • ProUSAProGOD

    Praying for Officer Garcia right now! Houston PD has gone through so much recently – they don’t need another tragedy.


      Amen.. 🙁

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  • Common Non-Sense

    There will be no justice as an elderly dumb a$$ that should not have been driving is at fault with the lame excuse of didn’t mean to and I’m sorry… just another elderly ignorance driver… millions of them out there…

    • Interestedintruth

      millions of young, stupid aggressive drivers out there, too

    • T.F. Sinclair

      you, too, will be elderly one day. I hope you will be treated with the same courtesy you have shown to this elderly driver.

      • Sherie S Litteral

        Wasn’t the elderly man drunk??? Why r u supporting him? Prayers for Officer Garcia

    • Katrina

      He should not have been driving because he was drinking, not because of his age. Seems senility is visiting you a little early, or is it lack of reading comprehension?

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    Thoughts and prayers for Officer Garcia, his family and his #bluefamily God is your Almighty Physician and will guide you through this trying time. Stay strong Houston.

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    How is officer Nestor Garcia doing? I hope he is recovering.