Houston Officer Battling Stage 4 Cancer Helps Rescue 1,500 In Hurricane Harvey’s Wake

Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon has been out saving lives despite his stage 4 cancer.

Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon has been out saving lives despite his stage 4 cancer.

Officer Norbert Ramon Saves Lives After Hurricane Harvey

Houston, TX – Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon may be battling stage 4 metastatic colon cancer, but he immediately reported to the nearest station when Hurricane Harvey hit.

Officer Ramon has been assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Division for 24 years, but responded to his station before Harvey, when his Sergeant called, according to Fox News.

His wife, Cindy, said that he “went and they started preparing everything and that’s when the rain started in.”  And by the next day, she said, “there was so much rain and standing water that he could not go to his regular duty in downtown Houston.”

Officer Ramon followed protocol, notified his sergeant, and went to the nearest patrol unit, which was the Houston Lake Patrol.  And it was non-stop after that, one rescue after another, in all parts of Houston.  Until his cancer became the farthest thing from his mind, according to Cindy Ramon.

He had been put on desk duty three weeks ago out of concern for his health, but since reporting to the Lake Patrol, he has been a part of 1,500 rescues.  Cindy said “he’s been so caught up in the emotions and the excitement of trying to rescue people, he had no time to even think about it.  You wouldn’t even think he had cancer, he’s plugging along like he doesn’t.”

Officer Ramon has been receiving chemotherapy every two weeks at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa. He was scheduled to fly there on Wednesday August 30, but found out that his flight had been cancelled due to the flooding.  So he and Cindy drove there on Thursday, a nine-hour trip.

Cindy said that the treatment center has been wonderful, that they had called to check up on him after seeing photos of the damage from Hurricane Harvey.  She said that she sent them a picture of him in the water performing a rescue, and that while they were concerned about his health, they “immediately called him a hero.”

Hurricane Harvey has dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water in Texas and Louisiana. Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate.

Current damage estimated from Accuweather are that the total losses from the hurricane could reach $190 billion.

“This is the costliest and worst natural disaster in American history,” Dr. Joel N. Myers said.

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Thank you, Officer Ramon, for your service to your community.  We hope you get well soon.