Hospital Patient, Rafael Muniz, Saves Officer From Being Murdered

Hero patient Rafael Muniz saved a police officer.

Hero patient Rafael Muniz saved a police officer.

Hospital Patient, Rafael Muniz, Saves Officer From Being Murdered

Staten Island, NY – A NYPD officer was almost killed in a hospital Monday, but one patient came to the rescue.

Rafael Muniz was being treated at Richmond University Medical Hospital when he heard a woman screaming and crying “please help me, I have a family, he has a gun”.

What Rafael Muniz didn’t know was that the cries for help were coming from a NYPD officer being assaulted.

Rafael recounts the incident in the video below

Dante Martin was arrested on Sunday, August 8th for attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted escape, resisting arrest, and robbery. After Martin’s arrest, he was checked into the Richmond University Medical Hospital. He was being guarded by a NYPD officer while being treated.

Once Dante Martin was in the hospital, he attacked the NYPD officer guarding him.

Once Rafael Muniz heard the cries for help, he jumped into action. “I heard this woman screaming for her life, I wasn’t sure if it was a patient. She was screaming for her life, this was different. I ran into the hallway. I saw people running out of the room”

Rafael found the violent suspect, Dante Martin, straddling the NYPD officer. She was crying for help, he didn’t run the other direction and call 911.

“This guy was on top of the cop, on the floor. He had his hand on the gun, he had his finger on the trigger and he was on top of her, and the whole time she’s yelling ‘help me please I have a family, help me please'”

Rafael saw that the violent felon almost had the officers gun.

“I wrapped my arm around his arm that’s holding the gun and I told him ‘listen, you don’t have to do this brother’, I told him a few times”

Rafael Muniz stated that the suspect had a “moment of clarity”, looked at him eye to eye, and released the officers gun.

He kept a violent suspect from killing a NYPD officer.

Thank you Rafael. You, sir, are a hero.