Horvin Ruiz, Armed With An AK-47 Pistol, Opens Fire On Motorists On Palmetto Expressway, Engages Police In Gun Battle

Horvin Ruiz opened fire on other motorists on the Palmetto Expressway with an AK-47 pistol.

Horvin Ruiz opened fire on other motorists on the Palmetto Expressway with an AK-47 pistol.

Palmetto Expressway Shooter Identified As Horvin Ruiz

Miami-Dade County, FL – Horvin Ruiz, 30, opened fire at other motorists driving on Palmetto Expressway early Monday morning before finally engaging police in a gun battle.

The incident started around 1:20 AM on Monday while Horvin Ruiz was traveling south on the Palmetto Expressway near NW 74th St. Ruiz opened fire on other cars, seemingly at random, with an AK-47 pistol, according to Miami Herald.

Two vehicles were struck, and one man was injured by debris. A total of eight people are listed as victims of the shooting.

Ruiz lost control of his car and crashed into the median. Ruiz then turned the car around and started traveling north in the southbound lanes. He then veered his car into the concrete barrier.

When officers arrived, Ruiz opened fire on them. Many shots were exchanged before Ruiz finally surrendered, presumably when he was out of bullets.

Miami Herald reports that, “Bulletholes riddled the front and back windshield of the man’s car, and the front bumper hung from the car’s frame.”

“As you can tell, it’s a very extensive scene. Many shots were fired,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Daniel Ferrin said.

Horvin Ruiz was taken into custody, uninjured, and is being questioned by detectives. The motive for his attack is not known at this time.

Overall, nobody was shot and there was only one minor injury from debris.

Detective Ferrin said it was a miracle that nobody was seriously injured, and attributes that to the “quick response of these officers, putting their lives at risk for the community.”

“Welcome to Miami,” said one of the victims. “It’s not gonna get any better; it’s just gonna get worse.”