Honest Reviews: Harry’s Holsters Concealed IWB “Insider”

harry's holsters

A full review of Harry’s Holsters Insider concealed holster

Honest Reviews: Harry’s Holsters Concealed IWB “Insider”

Hello everyone! Donut Operator here with the first Blue Lives Matter honest gear review. Today we’re going to be looking at a no frills concealed holster for every day carry.

This is the first of many gear reviews coming from Blue Lives Matter. We want to give you the best insight on quality equipment. We don’t plan on pulling any punches when it comes to the gear we test out.

Our follower, Harrison from Harry’s Holsters, sent us his In the Waist Band “Insider” concealed carry holster. We put it to the test both out on the range and under the hammer to see how well it held up.


I was a little skeptical of Harry’s Holsters after hearing that Harrison has only been making them for a short while. Turns out what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in quality. Harrison sent me his “Insider” holster to test out. As soon as I received my holster I put my Glock 26 into it and it fit perfectly.

harry's holsters

Harry’s “Insider” holster

Harry’s Holsters are made out of Kydex, which for every day carry is damn near indestructible. You can find videos on YouTube that show people running their Kydex holsters over with a car without breaking. Harrison uses a vacuum forming technique when making his holsters to ensure that your gun fits like a glove. Don’t be fooled by the $30 holsters on eBay. The majority of those use the foam press method that can leave unwanted spaces and provide less retention.

harry's holsters

Vacuum forming method (Harry’s Holsters Instagram)

The edges of the Kydex are smoothed off nicely so there are no sharp points. There is no extra Kydex. It is cut down to exactly where it needs to be while providing the best grip on my Glock.

harry's holsters


Rubber spacers are used in between the hardware. These compress to provide better grip on your gun. The grip was right where it needed to be when I was testing it out on the range. Not so tight that it’s hard to pull out my Glock, but not so loose that it is going to fall out while running or rolling around on the ground with someone.

harry's holsters

Rubber spacers

Harrison also sent a magazine pouch, which is the same quality as the holster. The holster comes with the basic plastic clip but I opted to use the metal Ulti Clip 3 that is available for an extra $10. The Ulti Clip proves extra retention by firmly snapping onto your waistband.

harry's holsters

The metal “Ulti Clip”

Harrison can include the plastic “claw” for an extra $5 that offers even more retention. I personally didn’t see any need for the claw as the Ulti Clip snaps down so tight.

harry's holsters

The “claw” which provides extra retention.


I had no trouble carrying the Insider at the 3 and 4 o’clock positions (on my hip) or carrying it in the “appendix” position (pointing at my wobbly bits). While I’m extremely confident in my ability to not shoot myself in the junk, I just can’t bring myself to comfortably carry my gun like that.


As far as comfort goes, it’s still a hunk of plastic pressing against your skin like most holsters. Once you get used to it, you can’t even feel it. This is one of the least-bulky holsters that I’ve ever owned.

Final thoughts

This is a simple, quality holster that I will be carrying for a long time. The Insider holster can be found at Harrysholsters.com for $60. Not a bad price for a quality, hand made holster by an American small business.

Be on the lookout for more Honest Reviews. Coming up we’re testing gear from RATS Tourniquets, Bravo Company Mfg., Vortex Optics, and more. Contact us if you would like an honest review done for your product.