Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals To Speak

Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals And Attempted Cop Killers To Speak

Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals And Attempted Cop Killers To Speak

Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals And Attempted Cop Killers To Speak

If you haven’t heard already, the Democratic National Convention is approaching quickly and the agenda is set to make your blood boil.

Hillary Clinton has invited representatives from the “Mothers of the Movement” (AKA, the “My Baby Dindu Nuffin Movement”) to speak on Tuesday, July 25th, alongside former President Bill Clinton.

Hillary made no effort to conceal that she is above the justice system and the laws that apply to the rest of Americans. Now she has the audacity to take the mothers of vicious criminals and give them a platform to preach about how their children were saints slain by cruel and racist cops. GIVE ME A BREAK! Police officers around the country are being hunted by the children like those of the “Mothers of the Movement” and yet, Hillary seems to enjoy winding up to give a swift kick in the nuts to all of the heroes who have, and will continue to, lay down their lives to protect our freedom. SHAME ON YOU Hillary Clinton. You disgust me.

AL.com reports:

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia Monday, July 25-Thursday, July 28.

Events will kick off Monday with First Lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking on the theme “United Together.” The gavel is expected to drop at 3 p.m. EST.

Tuesday’s keynote speaker will be former President Bill Clinton with featured speakers from Mother’s of the Movement. The Mothers of the Movement participating include Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland.


Eric Garner died of a medical issue while resisting arrest. Dontré Hamilton was shot when he disarmed a police officer and was beating him over the head with his weapon. Michael Brown was shot while attempting to kill a police officer. And Sandra Bland committed suicide in her jail cell. The others were killed in non-law enforcement related incidents.

When somebody tries to murder a cop, they don’t get to be called a victim because the officer protected themselves from being murdered. Labeling these people as victims just continued to perpetuate the false narrative of Black Lives Matter and continues to contribute to officers getting killed.

  • Dianna Taylor US Army Veteran

    What can be done to ensure that the public can hear the truth of what actually happened in each of these police shooting incidents? To me, this is yellow journalism on the media and political parts in an initiative to keep the truth from being fully told. They are so quick to lay the blame on our LEOS’ without ever hearing what actually has happened and before any investigation has started. It labels our LEO’S as something which they are not at all like. They were simply defending and saving their own lives from people who were in an instant had the immediate opportunity to kill them. Now this is the outcome of what the end result has become. Our LEO’S lives are being violently taken away from them and their families and police departments are hurting as well as our communities. What is happening has become much more than tragic. I can’t help but to believe that I can’t be the only one who feels this way. This senseless blood shed must be stopped. Thank you for taking the time for reading these concerns of mine.

  • tremereregent

    Criminals inviting criminals and mother’s of criminals to speak at the DNC. Nothing new there.

  • Deoliver47

    Criminals? Make a bet if it happened to your children you wouldn’t call yourselves criminals.

    • Pattie

      My sons are not criminals..Trayvons mother had lot’s of trouble with her son and knew he was heading for prison or death..which ever came first..even his own friends knew he was headed for prison or death..

    • Truth

      Someone fighting the police while being apprehended IS</I) a criminal.

    • acdice7

      Hey 47 lady, our sons are not dead because they’re not criminals you dope…

  • joe

    The officer that killed Hamilton was fired by the police department for his actions. Hamilton had already been cleared by other officers that very night of doing anything wrong.

  • Rick Manigault

    Glad I found this site. I now how proof of the racist policing people deny exist.

  • Wichita Lineman

    I wonder if Hillary will explain to the mothers why she called their sons “Super Predators” and said they need to be brought to “heel”? ….. And while she’s at it, maybe she can explain to them why Jesse Jackson said the following: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” ….

  • Erick Cespedes

    Can someone please explain to me how Eric Garner is a criminal? And deserved to be killed? I mean how can that be justice? The man was just selling loose cigarettes, and to say he was resisting an arrest for WHAT? Selling loose cigarettes?! And now hes dead, FOR WHAT?! Resisting?! You gonna tell me that resisting arrest is punishable by death now! That 5 grown ass men cant control one suspect?! That the officer’s life was in danger so he needed to CHOKE Eric to survive? Is this the world we live in now? Where American Citizens are killed by LEO without impunity, without a bit of remorse. Eric Garner was not the only Citizen to be killed like this, Luis Rodriguez of Moore County of Oklahoma was killed just like this but was beaten first before they suffocated him. If you dont believe me look it up yourself, dont be blind to the truth, and that truth is this, these men did not deserve death, their crimes were not violent nor did they have weapons of any kind. These men were AMERICAN CITIZENS, and they were killed by people WHO work for the Government, so nothing ever happens to them. If you are an American Citizen you should stand with you fellow citizens and speak up when injustice happens like this, when Citizens are killed by the police NOT CRIMINALS! Citizens are everyone WHO lives in this country, regardless of race, class, sex, profession, creed, or religion, if you were born here you are a CITIZEN who deserves the same rights and TREATMENT as anybody else, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW even LEO. So to those that call these people criminals, I say CITIZENS LIVES MATTER!

    • Erik Christensen

      Selling loosies in NY is punishable by jail time on a tax evasion charge. Mayor De Blasio gave NYPD specific orders to arrest people selling loosies on the street

      The nanny state killed Eric Garner… but face it, the guy was only a couple of pork chops away from a massive heart attack… And he resisted arrest

  • Wichita Lineman

    Hillary has NO concern for blacks (other than to trick them into voting for her)…. If Hillary and BLM were concerned about black lives, they would address the REAL KILLER of black people – Which is “Black-on-Black” crime…. The truth is, Hillary and BLM are placing far more black people in danger of losing their lives by making them think they have more to fear from cops than from other blacks… In that sense, Hillary and BLM are the big killers of blacks!

    • Truth

      This applies to all democrat politicians. They only care about black votes, not black people. Look at all those big cities run by democrats for decades. The plight of the blacks living in these places never improve. But the democrats in charge and their friends keep getting richer. Money raised to fix things like broken sewer pipes spewing filth into people’s basements are diverted to construction projects being worked on by campaign donors. But the black voters continue to buy into the democrat lies oblivious to the reality that they get in return for their votes.

  • Pattie

    Hillary was so desperate she invites mothers of thugs to the convention..LOL

  • Truth

    That’s how she wants to get the votes. Evil supports evil.