Clinton Reacts to Terrorist: Police Need to Stop Killing Black People

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has doubled down on the false narrative of Black Lives Matter during an interview responding to the assassination of police officers in Dallas, Texas. In the wake of these assassinations, most politicians who support Black Lives Matter have issued at least half-hearted statements condemning the actions of the Black Lives Matter Terrorist. Hillary Clinton reacts by continuing the attack on law enforcement, suggesting that the murder of police officers was a “call to action” for police officers to stop killing black people.

During a “Clinton reacts” interview with CNN:

“This is the kind of call to action, and as president, I would implement the very comprehensive set of proposals that I’ve been making for more than a year,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “We must do more to have national guidelines about the use of force by police, especially deadly force.”

“Look at what happened in Dallas. Those police officers were protecting a peaceful protest … that is a hallmark of America,” she said. “And when the shooting started and everyone else was fleeing, the police were moving toward danger.”
But Clinton also warned that there was a “terrible disconnect” between police officers and the people they are meant to protect. She explicitly stated that some African-Americans are dying as a result of “systemic” and “implicit bias.”
“Too many African-Americans have been killed in encounters with police over matters that should not have led to that action being taken,” she said.
Clinton called on white Americans to put themselves in the shoes of blacks “who fear every time their children go somewhere; who have to have the talk about how to really protect themselves when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with the police.”
“I’m going to be talking to white people — I think we’re the ones who have to have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our African-American fellow citizens,” she said.

It’s disgusting to call the murder of our heroes a “call to action” for police officers to stop killing black people. That sounds exactly like justification of the actions of the Black Lives Matter Terrorist.

As we have covered recently in our articles, the Black Lives Matter movement is based on lies. Law enforcement cannot fix this situation by changing, because we did not create this situation. Politicians and media making reckless statements, like Clinton’s, are the ones pushing this false narrative. Police officers use deadly force to defend their lives. We do not create these situations, we react to them.

Before police officers go to work each day, we have to hug our spouses and children goodbye and promise them that we will come home. Deadly force isn’t a training issue and it’s not a race issue; it’s about police officers keeping their promises to their loved ones, and not letting a violent thug murder them on the side of a road.

There will continue to be events where it’s necessary for police officers to use deadly force in order to defend their lives, and Clinton’s hateful speech will only increase these attacks. The only way that these incidents will stop, is if people stop attacking us.

Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight back against the hateful rhetoric of Clinton and Black Lives Matter; it’s the only way that our nation will be able to make progress.