Wanted Criminal Accidentally Locks Himself In Closet With Police K9 – Doesn’t End Well For Him

Highlands County Sheriff K9 Remco was locked in a closet with a wanted suspect.

Highlands County Sheriff K9 Remco was locked in a closet with a wanted suspect.

K9 Remco Gets Locked In Closet With Suspect

Lorida, FL – A wanted suspect made the mistake of his life when he accidentally locked himself in a closet with a police K9 on Thursday.

Brian James Prescott, age 30, had an outstanding grand theft warrant for his arrest when the Tactical Anti-Crime Unit (TAC) of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office went to arrest him, according to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

They learned that Prescott was at his home on White Oak Road. They arrived and saw Prescott through a window, but he saw them, too, and ran into a bedroom and refused to come out.

TAC members had observed a large amount of ammunition both inside and outside the residence.  They set up a perimeter, but didn’t know if Prescott had a gun with him and asked Deputy Cory Tomblin and his partner K9 Remco to assist.

The TAC team gave several warnings to Prescott to surrender, and warned him that a K9 was coming.  He refused to comply and remained barricaded inside the bedroom.

Once Deputy Tomblin arrived with K9 Remco, a Belgian Malinois, he gave several more warnings to Prescott that if didn’t come out, he was sending the K9 in.

There was no answer from Prescott so K9 Remco was sent into the bedroom.  The K9 then alerted on a closed closet door, and another warning was given.  Before Deputy Tomblin could get to the closet door to open it, K9 Remco used his snout to push the door open, and latched onto Prescott’s lower leg.

And that’s when the closet door was somehow knocked shut, with K9 Remco and Prescott inside.

Prescott either couldn’t or wouldn’t open the closet door, and Deputy Tomblin had to kick it in.  He still refused to comply, and was forcibly removed from the closet.  He continued to resist being placed in handcuffs, even with the K9’s persuasion.

Prescott admitted that he heard the warnings while he was waiting on EMS and a ride to a local hospital for medical treatment.  He said that he thought Deputy Tomblin was bluffing, and that the deputies would leave if he didn’t come out.

He was charged with resisting arrest in addition to the outstanding warrant.

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    Should be charged with stupidity

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