Henderson Police Chief Patrick Moers Removed From Position, Justification For Removal Very Questionable

Henderson Police Chief Patrick Moers was removed over endorsing a charity whose sole purpose is to support the police department.

Henderson Police Chief Patrick Moers was removed when Debra March didn’t appreciate his endorsement of a charity whose sole purpose is to support the police department.

Henderson Chief Patrick Moers Gets Booted For No Good Reason

Henderson, NV –  The city of Henderson removed Patrick Moers as its Police Chief Thursday, in what appears to be a political move.  Residents expressed shock Friday when they learned that Deputy Chief Todd Peters was the interim replacement, according to KTNV.

There doesn’t seem to be any complaints against Chief Moers or allegations of wrong-doing.  There is only a disgruntled mayor-elect who is unhappy about a nonprofit police organization that Chief Moers supported.

According to the Associated Press,  Chief Moers is under internal investigation after postcards were sent out from “Friends of the Henderson Police Department Foundation” to local businesses.  He is alleged to have referred to the foundation as the Henderson Police Department’s only authorized fundraising group.

But what’s wrong with that?  Blue Lives Matter’s Spokesman, Retired Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Randy Sutton, said that he “smelled a rat,” and that it was a “big, political rat.”

He said that the same kind of foundation for Metro has been around for years helping police officers raise money for out-of-budget items and community programs.  Lieutenant Sutton said that there’s nothing wrong “legally or morally” for the police chief to endorse these groups.

Mayor-elect Debra March said that she’s concerned about the level of separation between the foundation and the police department.  She said that when an organization has “friends of” in their name, that it is generally run by friends of the organization.

She refused to comment further on what exactly Chief Moers is being investigated for, or how it relates to the foundation.  Henderson city officials refused to comment.  Deputy Chief Todd Peters will serve as acting chief for an unknown amount of time.

So a mayor-elect and city officials decide to suspend a well-liked, hard-working police chief, for nothing other than supporting a charity for police officers? Usually when the reasoning behind removing people seems nonsensical, we find that there was actually other motivating factors behind the decision.

Do you think that there is more to this story than the mayor is disclosing? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

  • Pushed to the limit

    God, I hate liberals……….

  • Guy Kuder

    He should sue for wrongful termination.

  • informativex

    We should look into an immediate recall election petition – this is going to snowball quickly.

  • ladywriter24

    what a crock of crap. I’ve lived in vegas for 40 yrs and Henderson is right down the road. I’ve never heard one negative thing about the Chief.