Heavily Armed Robbers Shoot Their Way Through Supermarket Robbery

Heavily Armed Robbers Shoot Their Way Through Supermarket Robbery

Houston, Texas – Surveillance video of a supermarket robbery starts off with shots fired. In the bizarre robbery, three suspects start off by opening fire into the ceiling, which sent people scattering. Two cashiers locked themselves in the back room, which appears to be the only thing that the robbers were interested in. The armed robbers tried to shoot their way into the room before finally giving up and leaving.

It’s likely that the robbers were after a safe inside of that room, which suggests that the robbers had knowledge of the place before the robbery. Although, they apparently didn’t have much knowledge of how to breach a door with a shotgun.

At one point, one of the robbers held a gun to the head of one of the customers. Amazingly, nobody was hurt and the only things taken were one customer’s cell phone and wallet.

Cahier Noor Kadiwala told KPRC, “The guy with the assault rifle…. (his) bullet went inside the ground. I was laying (nearby). It was 6 inches from my body. It was scary. I actually thought I might die today,”

“If I was meant to die that day, I would’ve been dead, but it’s all god’s grace. Saved all of us,” Kadiwala told KTRK.

The suspects fled in a green four-door Mitsubishi SUV driven by a white female. Anybody who may know the suspects are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers.

The reckless behavior of these armed robbers easily could have led to an accidental, if not intentional, shooting of anybody present in the area. Houston Police Department is on the hunt for he violent thugs. When captured, Houston Police Department will see that these criminals are dragged before a judge to answer for their crimes.

Happy hunting, Houston. Stay safe out there.