WATCH: Hayward Robbery Stopped By Clerks Who Disarm Robber And Beat Piss Out Of Him With His Gun

A Hayward Convenience store robbery was stopped by clerks who beat-up robber.

A Hayward convenience store robbery was stopped by clerks who beat-up robber.

Hayward Armed Robber Beaten By Store Employee

Hayward, California – A robber entered a Hayward convenience store and pointed a gun in the clerk’s face. The robber then got the beatdown of his life.

On Tuesday, around 7:45 PM, the robber entered the store wearing a mask and pointing his gun while demanding money. One of the clerks stood by as he pillaged the cash register,then another creeped up and grabbed the robber from behind. The second clerk then jumped in the fight as the gun went off twice, shooting each of the clerks, but they didn’t stop fighting. The clerks were able to wrestle the gun away from the suspect and they began to beat him with it.

A customer walked in during the beatdown and called 911. The two employees were able to hold the suspect until Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and took the suspect into custody.

One of the employees was shot in the hand and the other was shot in the leg.

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