WATCH: Inside Look At Antifa’s Laughable Martial Arts Training Gym, ‘Haymaker Collective’

Portland PD has issued an order to disperse and are about to use force to remove the anarchists.

The Haymaker Collective Antifa gym in Chicago is possibly the best thing on the internet today.

VIDEO: ‘Haymaker Collective’ Antifa Gym – An Inside Look

Chicago, IL – An anti-fascist (Antifa) group has opened up their martial arts training “gym” in Chicago called “Haymaker Collective.” Unicorn Riot has taken an inside look into their new training gym, which paints a picture that’s both laughable and disturbing (intro video just below, actual training video far below.)

A couple of months ago the Antifa affiliated group created an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their “anti-fascist, anti-racism, self defense gym.” They raised $6,000, which was $44,000 short of their goal, but it still allowed them to get started.

You can see their IndieGoGo video just below, but further down you get the video of the gym in action (the good stuff.)

[email protected] Popular Fitness and Self-Defense Promo from Breakaway Chicago on Vimeo.

The idea of a self-defense gym initially seems great. After all, what could be wrong with people protesting themselves from hate crimes? The problem is that when Antifa says “self-defense,” they really mean pre-emptive self-defense; in other words, offense.

Antifa consists of people who largely believe in committing acts of violence against “Nazis.” This is something that most people would generally be willing to look the other way on, except their definition of “Nazi” or fascism is fairly loose. Anybody who is simply perceived to be a supporter of President Donald Trump is labeled as a Nazi or fascist, and subject to being attacked unprovoked.

Antifa has been involved in rioting in multiple cities across America during the past few months. During these riots, they have beaten people simply perceived to be Trump supporters, along with throwing rocks, bricks, glass bottles, and explosives at them. Their ideology isn’t just talk; the groups have been taking violent action.

It’s without hyperbole that I call Antifa terrorists. If you look in the dictionary, Terrorist is defined as: ” person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” That pretty much describes Antifa perfectly.

In a way, this makes Haymaker Collective a terrorist training camp. It’s a laughable terrorist training camp, but it still demonstrates that they have recognized that their sheltered existence has not prepared them to fight people who have been involved in actual fist-fights, or seen combat.

Before you see the video, I’d like to give a disclaimer: while there is a lot of parody Antifa material on the internet, the video coverage on this gym is supposed to be serious. The Unicorn Riot team are actual independent journalists who don’t like the police very much.

Watch the video inside the Haymaker Collective Antifa training gym below, and then be sure to leave a comment letting us know if you think this is a potential threat, or if you just peed your pants laughing.