Hales Corners Police Pursuit Ends In A Fiery Explosion

Hales Corners police were involved in a pursuit that ended in a fiery explosion.

Hales Corners police were involved in a pursuit that ended in a fiery explosion.

Vehicle Flees From Hales Corners Police, Then Bursts Into Flames

Milwaukee, WI- Hales Corners police were involved in a high speed pursuit that ended in a fiery crash after the suspect’s vehicle slammed into an SUV at 76th and Layton Avenue on November 23.

It started when Hales Corners police attempted to stop the suspect vehicle for a traffic violation. The vehicle failed to stop for police emergency lights and siren and a chase ensued. A Greenfield police officer who heard the pursuit over the police radio responded to the pursuit and captured the crash on the patrol car’s dashcam.

The suspect placed many lives in danger by driving recklessly, including driving east in the westbound lanes and running a red light before slamming into an SUV at the intersection of 76th and Layton Avenue.

Bret Eulberg, the president of Haack Diamonds , said, “What happened here is just incredible.” The store’s retaining wall was reportedly damaged, as well as the traffic light and a fire hydrant next to the store.

“Once on the scene, they assisted Hales Corners police in removing three people from two vehicles prior to the suspect vehicle being engulfed in flames,” said Greenfield Police Sergeant Scott Zienkiewicz.

Hales Corners police said the suspect was a 20-year-old man from Milwaukee and that his car was completely destroyed in the fiery crash. The suspect was taken to a hospital, and as of Wednesday night he was reportedly in jail facing felony charges. Hales Corners Police said they intend to file charges with the Milwaukee County District Attorneys Office on Friday.

The two men in the SUV suffered non-life-threatening injuries and their condition is currently unknown.

One driving safety tip that can be helpful to citizens driving is to always visually clear an intersection upon approach, even if you have a green light. Always look and watch for emergency lights, and listen for sirens as you approach an intersection because not all drivers (take this dirtbag for instance) obey the law, and that ultimately endangers all of us as seen in this incident.

These reckless drivers are a very real threat to the lives of everybody on the road. Do you think that there should be harsher sentencing when recklessly fleeing from the police? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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