Haddon Township Officer Involved Shooting Video Released

 Haddon Township officer involved shooting

Haddon Township Officer Involved Shooting Video Released

Haddon Township, New Jersey – Video has been released showing a South Jersey police officer shoot a man during a traffic stop.

On October 29th, a Haddon Township officer pulled over 38-year-old Edmond Brown for having a handicap placard hung up on his rearview mirror, which is supposed to be taken down when driving. Brown kept driving and didn’t pull over for at least a minute, which is a huge red flag for police. Once Brown stopped, he provided the officer with a name and date of birth, which was false.

The unidentified officer talks with Brown for a moment before telling him to turn the truck off while they discuss the traffic stop. As soon as the officer turns to walk away, Brown tries to speed off.

The Haddon Township officer jumps into the window of the moving truck while the car travels another 20-30 yards and crashes into a parked car. The officer pulls his service pistol and points it at Brown, ordering him to get on the ground.

Brown steps out of the car and starts to get on the ground while holding his hand up, but turns and puts his hands on the car. The officer attempts to put Brown on the ground until Brown jumps up and runs off. The officer chases him and unintentionally fires his weapon during the struggle, hitting Brown in the leg.

Brown yells, “You shot me!” and the officer says “No I didn’t!” while they continue to fight.

Both men fall to the ground and the officer gains control of the situation after mounting Browns back.

The reason for the unintentional shooting appears to be a well-known phenomenon. When you grab with one hand, your other hand will often unconsciously squeeze as well. By grabbing with one hand while his other hand was holding a pistol, the officer’s gun hand unintentionally squeezed, depressing the trigger. The officer was trying to keep his gun facing down in a safe direction, but their close proximity resulted in the Brown getting shot in the leg.

The woman who’s car was smashed by Brown while trying to escape authorities told CBS

“I’m thinking that they turned the corner really fast and couldn’t control themselves. They were stopped, (Brown) should have listened to authorities and did what they were told. You got caught regardless and you got shot because you didn’t listen,”

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Another really good reason not to break the law or struggle with a police officer. If you do not break the law and obey lawful orders your chance of being shot are greatly reduced. Pretty much a zero chance.

    • Highest common denominator

      Charles Kinsey would not agree with that statement.

  • paramore309

    He not only put the officers life in danger he put his life as well by not following direction. I am sick of these malcontents not listening to orders then crying after they get shot. learn to follow directions.

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    Didndu nuffins.