What To Do: First Aid The First 30 Seconds After You’re Shot

First Aid for gunshot wounds.

First Aid for gunshot wounds.

First Aid After Being Shot

Our friends at Readyman put together a training video that teaches us how to handle first aid ford traumatic injuries such as gunshot wounds.

Going in-depth into the basic first aid, the Readyman team teaches you what you need to know to save a life.

The RATS tourniquets featured in the video are the tourniquets of choice by Blue Lives Matter. We selected them because their quality and compact size make them the ideal tourniquets for patrol officers who often don’t have the room for the bulky SOF-T Tourniquets. For every person who joins our Blue Lives Matter membership, we donate a RATS tourniquet to a police officer who isn’t issued one by their department, as well as giving that member access to our exclusive member benefits.

Check out the full training video here, and if you don’t have time to watch it all now, bookmark this page for later:

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  • Robert Skinner

    Coming home from motorcycle traffic school. I split traffic on my motorcycle at a red light, legal in my state. I saw a cop car going the other way at the red light while I waited for it to turn green. When the light turned green I took off just a slightly faster than the cars on each side of me. I watched the cop in my mirror. The cop made a u turn, turned on his reds. I pulled over took off my helmet gloves and waited for the cop car to get through the traffic I just split. When the cop got to where I was they came out guns pulled saying I was trying to get away. They arrested me. I took it to court. Asked for a Jury trial. The cops would not come to court. I pleaded guilty to unsafe lane change so I would not need to keep going to court day after day waiting for a trail. I had to go to work, I could not spend day after day being told to come back the next day just to sit in court all day only to be told to come the next day.
    I have had stuff like this happen many times. Once I was arrested because the cops said I was burglar, but the house they said I was trying to rob I own and live in. I was going to J walk but I saw a cop car coming down th street so I sat on my front fence waiting for the cops to go away but they made a U turn and attacked me on on my front yard. Said they thought I was a burglar,. I sued them for that got a few thousand bucks.

    Cops have never helped me in anyway. But they have caused me a lot of harm. I biggest thing against the law I have ever done was minor traffic violations.


    • Rebecca Barton

      Shut up-you’re the punk, and I’m guessing had more than a few violations besides traffic. Tell the whole story PUNK.