Gertens Causes Controversy Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Christmas Ornament

An All Lives Matter ornament for sale at Gertens has sparked controversy.

An All Lives Matter ornament for sale at Gertens has sparked controversy.

Gertens Sparks Controversy Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Ornament

Inver Grove Heights, MN – An “All Lives Ornament” for sale in Gertens has become the focus of social media controversy during the Christmas Season.

On Wednesday night, a Gertens shopper was browsing the ornament isle at the Inver Grove Heights Minnesota location. The shopper spotted a black rectangle ornament with the words “All Lives Matter” written in a white lettering.

This shopper took a photograph of the ornament and posted it in a private online Facebook group that is a spin-off group of the “Pant Suit Nation,” which is a group that that formed in the days ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election in support of Hillary Clinton.

Gertens started getting negative Facebook reviews for the post, but they were almost immediately overwhelmed by a wide range of mostly positive reviews. While some news sources are reporting an abundance of negative reviews on Gertens’ decision to sell the “All Lives Matter” Christmas ornament, at the time of this writing, we were hard pressed to locate many negative reviews in the dozens of 5-star posts listed in the public review section of their Facebook page.

One Gertens’ review was from Jerry Doyle-Bonnie Claxton who posted a 5-star review that read,

“So, if the real hate mongers who seems to encourage and refuses to denounce the murder of police officers never shop in your store and all the other people do…. I think you will have a very merry Christmas. We don’t need hateful people. Congratulations on having such an inclusive shop.”

Another 5-star review was from Greg James and it read,

“Thank you for believing in the Sanctity of ALL lives – especially at Christmas.”

There were some negative reviews intermittently posted from people who did not agree with Gertens decision to sell the “All Lives Matter” Christmas ornament. One such review was posted by Lisa Hendrickson who gave a 2-star rating of Gertens who posted:

“I have shopped at gertens every spring for years. I will be taking my business elsewhere. A low moment for gertens as well as Minnesota. Is Making a political statement in your best interest? I think not (sic)”

Another negative 1-star review came from Matt Msg who’s review read,

“I will never support a business that sells “All Lives Matter” merchandise. It is very disrespectful to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Obviously all lives matter, but the BLMM focuses on police/society mistreating black people at a higher rate than any other ethnicity. Shame on you Gertens for profiting off of their movement and on the oppression and pain of African Americans and other minorities in America.”

It’s become abundantly clear after reviewing Gertens’ Facebook Reviews that many Americans have strong feelings about the usage of the phrase “All Lives Matter.” Many racially charged activists, and misguided supporters of political organizations under Black Lives Matter, continue to identify the phrase “All Lives Matter” as being racist against black people.

The fact that any organization or political movement would take issue with a company respecting the sanctity of ALL LIVES should speak loudly and expose the questionable motives of such a group.

Let us know how you feel about Gertens’ decision to market an “All Lives Matter” Christmas ornament in a comment below, or on our Facebook page.

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