Local Town Residents Now Able To Exchange One Bag Of Litter For Weed

Residents of Gardiner can now get weed in exchange for garbage.

Residents of Gardiner can now get weed in exchange for garbage.

Gardiner Residents Get Weed For Garbage

Gardiner, ME – Residents of the city of Gardiner now have an extra incentive to collect trash.  A local business is offering a bag of marijuana in exchange for each bag of trash.

Dennis Meehan, the owner of Summit Medical Marijuana, said, “Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis,” according to KHOU.  He said that he got the idea from a town in Colorado, and that they had a great response.

According to Meehan, it’s simple.  Get a trash bag, fill it up with litter from around town, bring it to the store, and get a ‘gift bag’ of marijuana. He agreed that it wasn’t good business to give away what he’s selling, but insisted that he’s helping people.

He said that it’s not only a day of service to the community but educating people about what he calls “a life-changing substance.”  Meehan talked about the science, and the research, that he is a believer in the magic of the wacky tobbacci.

Meehan said, “When you see this plant have an incredibly life changing impact on somebody that has given up on life, or somebody that has been given up on by modern medicine – and you can bring them back to life and give them a quality of life. It doesn’t just affect that patient, it affects every single person in the family.”

It appears Meehan failed to talk about people who didn’t have a medical condition, who are presumably the people who will be bringing in their kitchen garbage for weed.

He plans to expand the event to the state level, and said that he will make sure the recipients of each free bag of weed are 21-years-old or older.

‘Gifting’ marijuana in the state of Maine is legal.  On November 8, 2016, the state of Maine legalized the ‘recreational use, retail sale and taxation’ of marijuana, according to the Maine legislature.


    What a brilliant idea…….I wonder how long it will be before you can trade a bag of trash for a piece of crack cocaine…..!

    • Highest common denominator

      Crack is illegal in this state and dangerous though. Why would that be a promo?

  • Ed G

    How long will it take for those who would pick up trash from your roadways to take shortcuts by just removing trash from people’s trash cans for their weed?

    • Highest common denominator

      They’re giving them house weed, not the premium shit. Plus you have to register at a weed shop anyway and they’re probably limited to one bag a month or something.

  • Nancy L. Orozco

    God created it for a reason. Crack and all that other crap are chemicals mixed up by man.

    • Texan1st

      God created fleas, ticks, ants, wasps, and mosquitoes too. God also created poison ivy.

      What’s your point?

      • Richard Baldock

        and each one has a purpose on the planet just cause some of them may be harmful to you doesnt mean that dont have a use. you think with a closed mind so you would never see the true connections between these items vs a man made item which can cause more harm than those that you have listed. and hell for all you know poison ivy may become a cure for something someday. and i dont even believe in gods or religion of any sort but the things on this planet all serve a purpose just cause we havent found out what the all are does not mean they have none.

        • Texan1st

          Weak counter argument. What exactly is the purpose of a tick or a flea?

          Of course they’re harmful, as is marijuana. It may have some medicinal qualities but the vast majority of people who smoke it don’t do so for the medical benefits. They do it to get high and avoid dealing with life with a clear head.

          • Richard Baldock

            https://www.thoughtco.com/what-good-are-ticks-1968602 …try some simple research but of course thats asking to much from a simple minded brain such as yours . as i said just cause you dont know doesnt mean each thing on this planet serves a role and a purpose your just another closed minded fool that cant do some simple research on his own questions instead you expect others to defend there points no you show me some proof that marijuana is as bad as you assume it to be. mind you that is gonna require some extensive research on your end i have already done mine on that subject and am not going to cite you every piece of information proving otherwise its your duty as a human to know the real facts of what is going on in this world an uninformed sheep is exactly what the people of power want stop being a tool and learn something for yourself or continue being the sheep led by a sheppard to the slaughter. my only task is to wake up the ones ready to be woke its up to you to seek the truths not up to me to counter every one of your lame counters
            as to your weal counter i think yourself have very weak counters you have no back up or source cites for any that you spill just what you have been told by media sources and uneducation programs. yes uneducation programs the ones taht only tel you information they expect you to take in as fact

          • Đ₳VɆ ₮ⱧɆ ł₦₣łĐɆⱠ

            Just reading Mr. Blalocks replies to this and other articles is proof enough that this crap is harmful. His education level shown by his grammar, punctuation & spelling are all I need to show that it kills off brain cells. He appears to have only 2 left and one is waving good by to the other.

          • Texan1st

            I have a 28 year old employee that loves to smoke weed daily (just not at work). He’s a nice guy and a great employee but his personal life is a wreck. He never can seem to get his life on track. He doesn’t make wise decisions.

  • Wait…why is this a bad idea ?

  • Nick Mcalpin

    Kill all of them!

  • Highest common denominator

    This is genius. Keeping things a little cleaner while also spreading the weed gospel.

    Also, weed is for more than just legit medical comditions. I use it for muscle soreness after working out and to help me sleep through the night. Hey, some people come home after a long day at work and crack a beer, some prefer to light a J.