Three Dead In Terrorist Attack, Shooting Spree In Fresno

Fresno PD captured the Fresno terrorist attack suspect.

Fresno PD captured the Fresno terrorist attack suspect. (Twittter/@JoeYbarraTV)

Fresno Terrorist Attack, Shooting Spree

Fresno, CA – Three people are dead after suspected terrorist Kori Muhammad went on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno Tuesday morning.

Kori Muhammad opened fire on seemingly random victims outside of the Catholic Charities building at 149 N. Fulton St. at 10:50 AM, according to Fresno Bee. Witnesses say that Muhammad sprayed bullets while yelling, “Allah Akbar.” One man was killed at that scene.

Another victim was shot at 10:51 AM outside of Fresno Police Department station at Mariposa Mall and M Street. That person was transported to the hospital where they died.

At 10:54 AM another victim was located deceased at 215 N. Fulton St. At least one other person was shot at but not hit.

After a brief manhunt, Muhammad was located and taken into custody by Fresno PD.

Muhammad is also the suspect in the murder of a Motel 6 security guard on Sunday.

Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer called the shooting a random act of violence. He added that Kori Muhammad expressed a hatred of white people, and all of the victims were white.

Agents from Homeland Security and the ATF arrived at Fresno PD after Muhammad was captured.

Authorities have declined to officially label the shooting as a terrorist attack at this time, but that may change as the investigation continues. We, at Blue Lives Matter, are going to go ahead put two and two together and call somebody a terrorist if they are shooting white people while yelling “Allah Akbar.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims in this attack. Thank you to all officers who ran into danger to take this killer into custody.

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