WATCH: Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer Shocks Reporters When He Explains Why Justice System Is Broken

Fresno Pd Chief Jerry Dyer explains the broken justice system.

Fresno Pd Chief Jerry Dyer explains the broken justice system.

Chief Jerry Dyer Interview

Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer went on local news station FOX 26 and laid out exactly what is wrong with our justice system (video below.)

In his interview, Chief Dyer explains how the focus of criminal justice has shifted to be all about giving criminals extra chances, and failing to hold them accountable for their crimes.

Chief Dyer’s interview on the news comes on the heels of his department arresting Kori Muhammad, who went on a shooting spree targeting white men.

The shooting happened on Tuesday when Kori Muhammad opened fire on seemingly random victims outside of the Catholic Charities building at 149 N. Fulton St. at 10:50 AM, according to Fresno Bee. Witnesses say that Muhammad sprayed bullets while yelling, “Allahu Akbar.” One man was killed at that scene.

Another victim was shot at 10:51 AM outside of Fresno Police Department station at Mariposa Mall and M Street. That person was transported to the hospital where they died.

At 10:54 AM another victim was located deceased at 215 N. Fulton St. At least one other person was shot at but not hit.

After a brief manhunt, Muhammad was located and taken into custody by Fresno PD.

Muhammad is also the suspect in the murder of a Motel 6 security guard on Sunday.

Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer called the shooting a random act of violence. He added that Kori Muhammad expressed a hatred of white people, and all of the victims were white.

Despite California’s strict gun laws, Kori Muhammad was able to obtain a firearm, even though he is a convicted felon. Also (un)surpristing is that he did not use a semi-automatic weapon, he used a revolver with speed loaders to reload. Semiautomatic weapons have been the primary focus of gun control measures, yet Muhammad just demonstrated that semi automatic weapons make little difference in killing-sprees.

You can see the video of his interview below: