Pervert Arrested For Molesting Police Officer On Queens Train

Fnu Kamruzzaman picked the wrong victim to sexually assault.

Fnu Kamruzzaman picked the wrong victim to sexually assault.

Fnu Kamruzzaman Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Officer

Queens, NYC –  A man who rubbed his genitals on the arm of a female off-duty police officer has been arrested, and it wasn’t his first time molesting someone on a train.

The incident occurred Friday, August 3, about 10:20 AM, on a Queens train bound for Manhattan, according to The New York Daily Post. When the train pulled into the the 40th Street – Lowery Street station in Sunnyside, the off-duty officer, who was not identified, confronted the man, later identified as Fnu Kamruzzaman.

Police said that Kamruzzaman fled on foot, leaving his belongings behind.  NYPD Transit Chief Joseph Fox sent a tweet saying, “This pervert picked the wrong victim- Fled leaving behind his backpack, phone, his DNA, & his dignity. Transit SVU Dets got him within hrs!”

Kamruzzaman, age 27, of Elmhurst, was arrested and charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse.  He has been arrested twice before, including an incident in 2014 where he rubbed himself on a 15-year-old girl on a train.  No further information is available about that incident because it was sealed.

After his arrest, the man tried to claim that he was wrongfully arrested. According to New York Daily News, he told officers, “I was standing and a child stepped back into me, there were two undercover cops, and I was wrongfully arrested.”

His lawyer, however, argued that rubbing his genitals on the officer was likely just because the train was crowded. After all, who hasn’t accidentally rubbed their genitals on a stranger’s arm?

The prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, citing his prior arrest. The judge set the bail at only $20,000.

Fnu Kamruzzaman is currently a student at ASA college in Brooklyn.