Flakka, The Drug That Made Austin Harrouff Eat A Man’s Face

flakka Austin Harrouff

Austin Harrouff, still shot from his YouTube channel prior to his Flakka face-eating incident.

Flakka, The Drug That Made Austin Harrouff Eat A Man’s Face

Florida – Last week, FSU student Austin Harrouff murdered a middle age couple, stabbed a man who tried to stop him, and then started eating the face of one of his victims.

On August 15th, a gruesome attack took place in Martin County and deputies are thinking that the synthetic drug “Flakka” is to blame. Martin County Sheriffs Office responded to a call from a man named Jeff Fisher stating that he had been stabbed trying to break up a fight at his neighbors house.

John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon were sitting in their garage when Austin Harrouff, a Florida State University Student, approached the middle aged couple and launched a brutal assault on them. Their neighbor Jeff Fisher tried to intervene and break the fight up, but he was stabbed.

When Police arrived to the double murder they witnessed something horrifying:

Austin was eating the face of his male victim.

Austin Harrouff flakka

Austin Harrouff

When a Taser failed to take the attacker down, police used their K9, which was also unable to stop Austin from gnawing on his victims face. It eventually took several deputies to pry Austin away off of John Stevens.

Here’s the recording from the 911 call:

Deputies are thinking that Austin Harrouff was high on a synthetic drug known as Flakka.

Flakka, courtesy of Broward County Sheriff’s Office

What we know about Flakka:

  • The pharmaceutical name for the drug is Pyrrolidinopentiophenone.
  • It can be vaped, eaten injected or snorted.
  • It causes euphoria then extreme paranoia. This is followed by excited delirium.
  • It’s very cheap and easily obtainable.
  • It looks like small pink or white crystals and is commonly inside pill capsules.
  • It is most prominent in South Florida

Excited delirium causes super human strength, violent behavior, and insensitivity to pain, as you can see in the video below

Flakka is being called the new “Bath Salts”, a synthetic drug that was made popular in 2012 from another face eating incident in Miami. Police shot and killed Rudy Eugene, who was high on Bath Salts, after they found him eating a homeless man’s face.

Have you ever encountered a subject high on Flakka?