Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory Helps Las Vegas Police

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory stopped to help a Las Vegas officer on the side of the road.

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory stopped to help a Las Vegas officer on the side of the road.

Zoltan Bathory Of Five Finger Death Punch Stops To Help Officer

Las Vegas, Nevada- Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch made a surprise stop to assist a Las Vegas police officer on Christmas Eve.  The award-winning guitarist spotted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer helping a citizen change a tire on Christmas Eve when he pulled over to help and thank the officer.

Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP) is a heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Bathory, the former U.P.O. bassist founded FFDP in 2005, along with drummer Jeremy Spencer.  FFDP is well known for their support of military and law enforcement and on Christmas Eve, guitarist Zoltan Bathory stopped to help a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer.  Bathory spotted the officer crouched down changing a tire when he pulled over and helped the officer.  Bathory offered assistance and a thank you for the officer’s service.

The guitarist later tweeted a thank you to LVMP along with a photo..

FFDP has worked closely with veterans and law enforcement in the past.  FFDP is intentional on who they hire to their crew, often recruiting veterans and employing multiple retired military members.

Over the years FFDP has released multiple songs as a tribute to law enforcement and military. Songs include Bad Company, Battle Born, Remember Everything, and Wrong Side of Heaven.  Five Finger Death Punch has not only gone out of their way to support law enforcement and military with the platform they have in the music industry but they have also taken a proactive role in building public image for officers everywhere.  Images just like this one snapped on Christmas Eve.  As one officer was away from his family, this rockstar made a point to stop, help and shine a spotlight on our officers.  Thank you Zoltan Bathory, we salute you.

  • SunGodAZ

    More of this, please….thank you.

  • Darren Wilkens

    I never heard of FFDP before, but regardless, they have a new fan now.

    • Jeff Swanson

      Listen to wrong side of heaven if you haven’t. Its amazing

      • Charles John Covati

        Better yet, YouTube the video, but have a tissue ready

        • WTFlady


    • Trevor Vander

      FFDP is Five Finger Death Punch just in case they didn’t spell it out in here:) Great actually fucking badass music, best metal band to come out in my opinion in years:)

  • ladywriter24

    I have lived in Las Vegas for 40 yrs and am very grateful for Metro and thank them every chance I get. I just graduated from a 12 wk Citizens` Police Academy class so I can volunteer with them after the first of the year. The citizens of Las Vegas are very protective of our police. Thank you Zoltan Bathory for stopping to help this officer. Now if all the other states in this great country of ours could get behind their police departments it would truly be a beautiful thing.

  • LVGal

    This is awesome! But just so it can be corrected this is a Trooper with Nevada Highway Patrol

  • James Tiscareno

    99% of all police officers are very dedicated and try very hard to keep the peace for the people in the communities where they serve. They deserve our thanks and admiration. They do so much that goes unnoticed. Nice article, thank you.

  • thefixitman6

    That is a Neveda Highway patrol officer. Not Las Metropolitan police. The least you can do is get the right agency right on Christmas Eve.

  • Daisy Quintero


  • J J

    That is not NHP? Looks like NHP to me..

  • Lee1637

    Good for him!

  • trooper4truth

    So, where can I learn the five finger death Punch? 😂

  • Ken Connolly

    Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do to be a good person. Thumbs up Zoltan way cool

  • Dave Stein

    Thanks for thanking the LVMPD…………….It’s an NHP State Trooper.

  • I need a side note; it was an NHP Trooper not an LVMPD Officer he helped; still good for him!

    NHP twitted about this that night thinking him!

  • Guest

    Love this band, and this is one of many reasons why. This, along with their support of the military. Amazing group of guys.

  • fuckweebs

    See if he wasn’t an attention seeking whore, he would have continued with his day without having to tell everyone about it on twitter for brownie points.

    • John Maynard

      Cynicism must be rampant in your life. Zoltan might be attention seeking, but he gets that attention Playing guitar for a heavy metal band, driving his Monster truck in the “Monster Jam” circuit, becoming one of the few civilians certified by the US Army as an L1 Modern Army Combatives Instructor – Close Quarter Combat, and by supporting the Troops and Law enforcement communities throughout our country. He really doesn’t need to offer to help a cop to get attention. He has helped raise money to help raise awareness of PTSD, suicide and homelessness of returning vets, he deserves my attention.

      • fuckweebs

        Must be feeling seriously unappreciated for him to hop on twitter then. Their music is mediocre anyways.

  • Richard Arlan Carter III

    One of the many reasons I’m a huge fan. Keep up the good work guys and thank you for your support of the green and blue! I know we appreciate it!

  • Kat

    I didn’t know who Zoltan Bathory was until I read the article. I wanted to hear his song “Wrong side of heaven”. I love all types of music but have never been a fan of Heavy Metal until I heard Disturbed “The sound of Silence” & now I’m a fan of FFDP & Wrong side of heaven & definitely this very powerful video that went with it.
    I’m a 66 year old grandmother & just wanted to thank Mr. Bathory for displaying his caring behavior & also sending a very strong message with his artistry & the way he thinks.

  • tim

    Have heard of them but never listen to their music. Definitely gained a fan.

  • AMD Guru

    Honestly, if I try to help an officer out, I’d probably just get chewed out for interfering. Especially here in Aurora, CO! I try to support law enforcement, especially since I used to be an officer, but these cops here are so hateful & mean! And Chief Metz only cares about minorities so he wouldn’t care if a white male received a ticket for interfering. Sad really!

  • Robert Keith Ross

    I’d bet money you’d never see one of those sorry ass cop hating rappers do something like this.

  • Charles P

    And that’s why they rock. Both literally and figuratively.