Ferguson: Release Michael Brown’s Juvenile Records

Michael Brown Black Lives Matter thug

Violent criminal, Michael Brown

The City of Ferguson has requested that a judge grant them access to Michael Brown’s juvenile records, so that the city can use those records in their defense against the lawsuit failed against the city and hero Officer Darren Wilson.

Officer Darren Wilson was forced to shoot Michael Brown to protect his life when the violent criminal attacked him in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. Afterwards, the media painted a picture of Michael Brown as a good kid, who would never attack a police officer. This was despite the fact that Brown had just committed a felony robbery moments before he was contacted by Officer Darren Wilson. This false narrative helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement, which is based on falsehoods, such as the innocence of Michael Brown.

If the judge grants the records to the city, then the city may be able to prove that Michael Brown had a history of criminal behavior. The judge had previously denied a request from the media for the records to be released, but the city may stand a better chance of getting the records. Michael Brown’s interest in keeping the records sealed was dissolved when he forced his own death at the hands of hero Officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown’s parents have no legal standing to have the information withheld. While releasing the information could damage Michael Brown’s image, he’s dead so he can’t care, and it could help restore the image of an innocent Officer Darren Wilson.

The attorney for Michael Brown’s parents argues that Michael Brown’s history is irrelevant to the case. We disagree; they made it relevant when they created a false narrative about the type of person that Michael Brown was, and destroyed the career and reputation of an upstanding officer. The Black Lives Matter “activists” continue to use this lie to recruit ignorant people to their cause, causing ongoing damage.

The lawsuit is scheduled to take place next May

SOURCE: nola.com