Fights Break Out, Shots Fired At Police In Ferguson, After Claims Michael Brown Was Dealing Drugs

Shots were fired at Ferguson Police at a Michael Brown protest.

Shots were fired at Ferguson Police at a Michael Brown protest.

Police Officers Attacked After New Ferguson Protest Over Michael Brown Video

Ferguson, MO – Protests turned into fights with police, which turned into shots fired and somebody trying to torch a patrol car after an angry Black Lives Matter crowd was protesting an alleged police cover-up that Michael Brown was a drug dealer.

Video was recently released which appears to show Michael Brown dealing drugs at a Ferguson convenience store, just hours before he robbed it. Michael Brown’s mother claims that the video is proof that Brown wasn’t really robbing the store, he was just collecting on the debt owed to him from his drug transaction. The video claims a police cover-up of Brown’s drug deal, which is being interpreted as proof that the shooting of Michael Brown was unjustified.

An attorney for the convenience store says that the video was edited to cut out the part where the store employees threw the drugs back at Brown. The attorney said that he will release the full video on Monday.

After the widespread release of the video clip, protesters began to gather at the convenience store that Brown had robbed. Ferguson police moved in to clear the hostile trespassers out, which resulted in multiple arrests and fights with people who resisted.

While officers were dealing with the trespassers, shots rang out as somebody opened fire at police from across the street. 7-8 shots went off, and nobody was hit. You can see a video clip of the shooting taken by Derk Brown here:

Officers later discovered that somebody had tried to torch a patrol car, stuffing a rag in the gas tank and setting it on fire. The fire went out with minimal damage to the car.

For a group of people who have been desperately holding on to the lie of “hands up don’t shoot,” the thought of Michael Brown as a drug dealer looked like redemption. Unfortunately for them, even this new narrative is irrelevant to the shooting of Michael Brown.