Career Criminal Felix Perez Sues For $10 million After Shot In The Butt During Burglary

Felix Perez is butt-hurt about NYPD arresting him.

Felix Perez is butt-hurt about NYPD arresting him.

Felix Perez Sues NYPD For Holding Him Accountable For His Crimes

New York City – Felix Perez, a career burglar, is looking to steal an additional $10 million dollars from New York taxpayers after meeting a Forrest Gump-like fate while burglarizing a home in Queens. As a result of his painful confrontation with NYPD, Perez is claiming to be literally and emotionally butt-hurt, and has filed a law suit recently in Manhattan Federal Court.

As reported in the New York Post, Perez’s woes began in August as this poor victim was minding his own business while burglarizing an occupied residence in Queens. During the attempted heist, the resident of the home saw that he was in her child’s bedroom. She immediately called police.

A neighbor captured the event on video as police surrounded then made entry to the residence. After a brief period of time, one shot is heard and Perez is seen running out the front door of the residence with police in pursuit. Perez was caught by police a short distance from the scene. It was discovered that Perez grabbed rings, watches, earrings and a chain prior to being confronted by police and fleeing.

Before he fled however, Perez reportedly engaged in a physical confrontation with responding officers and during the fight, Perez was shot in the buttocks. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown released a statement shortly after the arrest stating that Perez was “accused of brazenly burglarizing a home in broad daylight and then when confronted by the police engaging in a physical altercation with them before fleeing the scene on foot.”

Perez, 38, who had six prior arrests for burglary, caught new charges of burglary, assault, and resisting arrest.

The six-time-loser must be bored as a resident Rikers Island. He has decided to represent himself in the lawsuit which claims he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of being shot in the buttocks and said he has “nightmares of being killed by officers and fear of anyone in uniform.” The fear of officers is completely understandable considering that whenever he has had an encounter with officers, he was committing a crime and was arrested because of it.

As far as the disorder for which Perez claims to suffer, it’s may be better described as the result of a life of crime and delusions of financial grandeur. In the meantime, Perez is scheduled for trial this week for his latest criminal offenses.