Group Of Suspects Open Fire On FBI Chicago Task Force Agents In Drive-By Shooting

FBI Chicago Task Force Agents were targeted in a drive-by shooting.

FBI Chicago Task Force Agents were targeted in a drive-by shooting.

Suspects Started Shooting At FBI Chicago Task Force Agents

Chicago – Four suspects were arrested for firing shots at FBI Chicago Task Force officers while the officers were conducting an investigation near Midway Airport.

According to FBI spokesman Garrett Croon, the FBI Chicago Task Force was involved in an investigation when they were fired upon by a passing vehicle while they were about a half a mile from Midway Airport. The vehicle was later found ditched at 69th Street and Kenneth Avenue, which is where police launched an extensive manhunt in the West Lawn neighborhood that included searching backyards and garages.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the shooting occurred at the 6100 block of South Kolmar Avenue at around 9:25 AM. Police say they made four arrests of suspects within an hour of the shooting. FBI officials were reportedly at the location processing the shooting scene and gathering evidence. No memebers the FBI Chicago Task Force were reported to have suffered any injuries.

This shooting occurred on the same day an active shooter crashed a vehicle into the Ohio State University campus building and began stabbing people with a knife. Thankfully, hero Officer Alan Horujko was there to stop the terrorist.

These violent incidents are examples of the challenges that police face every day. Police proactively work to keep communities safe, but oftentimes we come under assault by violent armed criminals who aim to kill. Active shooter incidents require an immediate and rapid response by police in order to stop a threat in order to protect innocent civilians who may be caught in the middle. When citizens come under attack, you can trust that the defenders of the thin blue line will run towards the sound of gunfire.

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