Fact Check: You May Have Facebook Followers You Don’t Know About, But Won’t Find Them With ‘Following Me’

Facebook secret followers are not following cops.. Probably.

Facebook secret followers are not following cops.. Probably.

Secret Followers Facebook Myth

Today, I saw a recurring post on Facebook which tells people how to find a secret list of people who are following you. The information in these posts generally tells you to check your block list by typing in “following me;” this does not actually pull up your followers. However, there is actually a way for you to check your followers.

The FALSE rumor goes as follows:

Very important for cops. Here is a heads up for Facebook users. Go to Settings, Blocking and look for Block Users. Type in Following Me.

It shows a list of people who are following you. Most names seem European or from other countries. You must manually block each user individually and it could be lengthy. You can also type in Watching Me and get even more results. You can’t be safe enough on social media sites. I had a ton of foreigners.

What’s actually happening here is that you are asking Facebook to pull up a list of all Facebook users with the words “following” or “me” in their name:


But wait, you may have followers that you don’t know about, you just need to look somewhere else.

If your profile settings allows followers, you can see a list of your followers by going to your profile, clicking Friends below your cover photo and then clicking Followers. If you don’t have any followers, you won’t see this option.

While we’re on the topic of Facebook tricks: did you know that Facebook doesn’t show you all stories from Blue Lives Matter? You’re lucky if you get even a couple of our stories per day, but you can help correct this by telling Facebook you want to see more of our articles.

First, make sure you’ve followed Blue Lives Matter Facebook’s Page, and our sister page, Back The Blue, and then go to your “News Feed Preferences.”


Then go to “prioritize who you see first” and select Blue Lives Matter and Back The Blue.

That’s it! You should now see a couple more of our stories on Facebook each day.

  • Chad

    Hmmmm…all the people following me when I do that are the same people that are in the pic posted in the article.

  • jennifer 0.2

    Looks like i will have to use more effective bots now!

  • Philip Walker

    I view the Facebook news feed as Most Recent. That trick won’t work in that case. If you view the news feed as Top Stories, using the method described will work as it should.

    • thisusernameistakentoo

      What trick, none of this is real. This article is a hoax.

      • Roccondil

        You didn’t read the whole article did you…

        • thisusernameistakentoo

          I did read the whole article, which is why I’m not among the idiots harassing these people and freaking out. Did you read the content?

    • Roccondil

      As far as I can tell, the option to view the feed by ‘most recent’ doesn’t exist any more- it hasn’t for at least a year. I would definitely be using that option if was still there.

      • Philip Walker

        Are you using Facebook in a mobile platform? That’s the only place where that option doesn’t exist as far as I can tell. I typically use Facebook on a desktop computer.

        • Roccondil

          I’m not on FB much, actually. I just checked on desktop though, and am surprised it’s back! I’m pretty sure they got rid of it for a while there. Thanks for alerting me to it!

  • Icon

    The reason the people show up, is because somewhere in their profile they have the term “following”. They are not following you,,,,,,

    • John Baker

      And they have “me” in their name.

  • Pinky

    So there are only what, 28 people on Facebook who have the letters ME in their name? I call bullshit.

  • Donna Jo Bennett

    You’re sharing a hoax? A little “detective” work goes a long way rather than fear mongering by sharing a prank. To find out who is REALLY following you all you do is go to your own page, click on FRIENDS, click on MORE, then click on FOLLOWING.

    • PN8891

      Read the article, and you’ll see that they’re really explaining that;)

      • Donna Jo Bennett

        I’ve read many articles on this because I do a lot with social media.

        • Roccondil

          Obviously you don’t read all the articles as thoroughly as you might think you do…

          • Donna Jo Bennett

            LOL, you are just too cute for words. Go on with your bad self and until you know me don’t bother to decide what I “think”.

          • BuckTard

            You obviously didnt read this one princess. It tells how that is a hoax. Its ok to admit your wrong now and then. Everyone is.

  • Linda Belcher

    This is all a scam to get you to prioritise this page on Facebook. They should be ashamed of this misleading propaganda.

  • thisusernameistakentoo

    The people who believe this, and have left comments harassing these poor people are as daft as they come.

  • disqus_9iwptScUkS


    You could just change the setting for who’s allowed to follow you to “Friends” instead of “everyone.”

  • Brandie
  • Debbie Wiley

    All their names have “me” in them… they are NOT following you! LOL

  • Had this come up as a hoax???…

  • prugio

    This has been debunked….continuing to sponsor the post is promoting FAKE NEWS.

  • Beverly Golato

    Go to settings, click on block. In the search bar type in facebook HSA click search. A list of names will come up, all Muslims. I do this every few days, it takes a little while but I block them all.

  • Carina

    if this is a hoax, then why did I click mine and got 44 people. My brother did it and got 48 and I tried on my old account and I got 36. There has to be something wrong somewhere!

  • Brad Bilger

    I got in a “Discussion” with someone on Facebook about this story. She believed is and spent HOURS blocking hundreds. I did a search using the word “Shit” and then posted an article about how Facebook was getting too obtrusive and was monitoring everyone’s Bowel Movements. Got a bunch of laughs and no more discussion about people being followed.

  • BuckTard

    Actually you can have people following you that you cant see. I saw a notification during the election cycle that so and so just followed me, I checked the name and it was a FB employee. Didnt think much about it and decided to block them later but they dont show up as a follower. I’ll see a list that says you have 6 followers and I can see who 4 of them are.