VIDEO: Suspect Live-Streams Pursuit As Beach-Goers Dodge Car, ‘We Goin’ Die Tonight’

Ryan Stiles Live-Streamed himself leading police on a pursuit while drinking whiskey.

Ryan Stiles live-streamed himself leading police on a pursuit while drinking whiskey.

Ryan Stiles Leads Police On Pursuit While Live-Streaming

Clearwater, FL – Ryan Stiles live-streamed on Facebook Live while he led officers on a pursuit on Thursday afternoon. During the pursuit, he appeared to be having fun almost running people over while screaming about how he was going to die.

The incident started at around 4:30 PM on Thursday when 911 started getting calls from people across the country about Stiles making threats in his Jeep, according to WSVN.

The about five- minute video showed Stiles speeding down the beach, running over beach towels and umbrellas, cursing that police were following him, and openly drinking from a bottle of Canadian whiskey.  During the video he threatened police and said that he wanted to die.

At one point, the vehicle missed a baby’s playpen by about 5 feet.

“And I was just asking people if they were okay, and I saw this one baby in a crib right next to the tire tracks and I guess the mom pulled the baby out right before the guy went by,” a witness told WFLA.

At a news conference, Clearwater Deputy Chief Donald Hall said Stiles eventually came to an impasse and had the choice of going into the water or surrendering.

“It could have been a lot worse today,” Clearwater Deputy Chief Donald Hall said. “We had no idea what this individual’s intentions were.”

Ryan Stiles eventually surrendered, and was arrested on several charges, including DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, and threatening a public servant.

After he got to the jail, he took his belt off and used it to break a window.

You can see the video of the pursuit below. WARNING – Launguage: