Eugene Police Attacked By Mob Of 75 People

Eugene police officers were harassed then attacked by a mob of 75 people.

Eugene police officers were harassed then attacked by a mob of 75 people.

Eugene Police Attacked By Mob Of 75 People

Eugene, Oregon – Eugene police Officers are surrounded and assaulted by people in a giant incensed crowd during a drug arrest in downtown Eugene.

Friday afternoon, Eugene police were making a drug arrest in the downtown Park Blocks area when a mob of around 75 people starting harassing them. The crowd of people were shouting obscenities and insults at the officers. They eventually ended up hurting one of them.

Police were finally able to get the mob under control after using less-lethal devices such as pepper spray and Tasers.  Without them, they would have been unable to disperse the crowd. One man was arrested for interfering with officers and resisting arrest. The only reason that others weren’t arrested appeared to be because there were too many people in the mob. One of the officers injured his hand and another suffered blow back of pepper spray in his eyes.

In the intense video below, you can see one officer attempt to arrest the man and he immediately started resisting. Two more officers jumped in to help with the arrest and the man still refused to put his hands behind his back. An officer delivered 2-4 blows to the mans side in an attempt to get his hands behind his back to no avail. When that didn’t work, the officer Tased the man. The crowd then pulled out the last resort card and started yelling “police brutality”.

The man still refused to put his hands behind his back. The man filming kept bellowing out idiotic statements like “What are they doing? Are they stabbing him in the chest??” and “how long has it been since you had sex, you piece of shit?”.

As more units arrived, the crowd grew larger and became more agitated. After several minutes, the officers were finally able to get the resisting man under control.

Eugene police Capt. Sam Kamkar stated

“What happened was an isolated incident in the Park Blocks. This is not the type of situation that we deal with everyday, where our officers are surrounded by a mob who is trying to intimidate them and what I can tell you, for people to behave that way, that was completely unacceptable. If there is an issue or problem with officers, then the right thing to do is to be a good witness and videotape the incident and let the courts handle it later, not to get into a mob mentality and charging at the officers.”

As the mainstream media continues to spread around police hate and inciting violence, officers are attacked and killed more and more every day. This is just a small example of the things that police officers face daily.

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