Both Full El Cajon Shooting Videos Released

el cajon shooting video

Both Full El Cajon Shooting Videos Released

El Cajon, California – Video footage of the officer involved El Cajon shooting has been released to the public.

On Tuesday, 911 received several calls that a man was acting erratically and going into traffic. As soon as police arrived, the man refused to cooperate with them. Officers asked him several times to take his hands out of his pockets and he refused. One of the officers prepared to tase the man, who was later identified as Alfred Olango. Olango quickly pulled a large e-cigarette from his pocket, took a shooting stance, and pointed it right at an officers head.

One of the officers fired several fatal shots. Olango’s mother stated in a news conference that he was not mentally ill, he was just going through a breakdown from a personal loss.

Every major news source that we can find is using quotation marks, calling it a “shooting stance”. If you have ever seen anyone shoot a gun, then it’s not hard to tell that this is definitely a shooting stance.

el cajon shooting video

Why else would a sane man, who just lost a loved one, agitate police and act like he was shooting at a police officer? This appears to be a suicide by by cop situation.

As soon as reporters started arriving on scene, onlookers were already telling them that the unarmed black man who police shot had his hands up. The resulting protests were some what calm until Thursday night when rioters blocked streets and even robbed a San Diego reporter of his camera. Rioters threw water bottles, beer cans, and one even threw bricks at police.

In the video below, you can see one man become very agitated with rioters after they blocked his car.


Of course, the officers are being blamed. With all the ambushes and police hate circulating around the US, hardly anyone will stop and say: “Why didn’t he just listen to the police officer?”

Why is it so unreasonable to ask someone to take their hands out of their pockets? Why is it so unreasonable to ask someone to drop a gun?

The Black Lives Matter folks are claiming that Alfred Olango wasn’t going into a shooting stance, but that he was actually having a seizure and was subsequently shot for his medical condition.

To put this incident into perspective, watch the video below of Arizona officer Tyler Stewart being killed. It’s not graphic, but this video is why police aren’t going to play games with non compliant suspects.