VIDEO: Eight Chicago Officers Hurt After Rumors They Shot Two People Dead; Nobody Was Shot

Eight Chicago PD officers were injured after people started spreading false rumors on social media.

Eight Chicago PD officers were injured after people started spreading false rumors on social media.

Eight Chicago Officers Injured After False Rumors Spread

Chicago, IL – Rumors of an officer-involved shooting, fueled by social media, and individuals who refused to believe police officers, led to eight Chicago police officers being injured and a night of unrest and confrontations.

The incident began on Tuesday night, August 22 about 8:50 PM when police officers responded to a report of shots fired in the 2600 block of South Albany Avenue, a neighborhood that is filled with Satan Disciples gang, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Police said that an unknown person reported gunfire and saw a car speeding away near 24th Street and Washtenaw Avenue, an area that has seen multiple violent incidents involving the Disciples and their rival, the Latin Kings.

Officers located the suspect’s vehicle nearby, tried to stop it, and then initiated a short pursuit.  They fired at the driver of the vehicle, when it “sped toward them” and their fear “was that they would be pinned between vehicles.”  T

he Chicago Police Department said that no one was injured, and that officers requested K9s and helicopters to search the area.  Crime scene tape was used to set up a perimeter.

A crowd began to gather at a mall entrance near the incident, and some of the males identified themselves as Latin King gang members. Many had just attended a Latin Kings funeral.

They began to shout “CPDK”, which means Chicago Police Department Killer”, and the crowd got larger.  A young male who has a street name of “TMZ” told the crowd that police had killed a boy in the mall parking lot.  The news crews started showing up, and ‘TMZ’ promised to send them videos “as soon as the commotion was over.”

People began taking videos of whatever was happening in front of them; people were posting RIP in Facebook posts, with a common thread being that two people had been killed, with street names of Frosty and Papas.  One video actually showed a ‘young woman in the mall parking lot throwing a beverage at an officer from six to eight feet away.’ (video below.)

Confrontations began, and chaos ruled, as the crowd started fighting and throwing things at police officers.  A total of 11 people were arrested, including three 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old, for charges ranging from aggravated battery to a police officer to resisting arrest and reckless conduct.

Eight police officers were injured during the melee and were taken to local hospitals to be treated for injuries ranging from a broken hand to facial cuts.

Officers brought one young man who was under arrest to the edge of the scene, and he yelled that “his brother’s car had been shot up, and he couldn’t find him.”

An officer told him to calm down, and the young man yelled that he was calm.  Others joined in, and said, “Look man, somebody got blown down not even two blocks away and you only blocked off the alley.  You got six blocks taped off out here”.

The officer calmly continued to tell the young man and the crowd that no one had died.  The crowd continued to move, and a woman tried to find out what had happened.  A Chicago Police Sergeant told her that “if your son’s not here, then he’s probably in jail,.  Nobody got hurt here tonight, except some police by morons who threw beer bottles.”

You can see the video of the cops getting a liquor bottle thrown at them, and their response below: