Edgewood College Declares Sticky Note Is A “Hate Crime,” Has Police Investigate

"Hateful" note found at Edgewood College

“Hateful” note found at Edgewood College

Edgewood College The Victim Of Terrible “Hate Crime”?

Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin has been hit by a “hate crime” the likes of which we have never before seen. We are shocked that such a message would be left in a place of free-thought and learning. A note was discovered bearing a horrible, hateful message and has shaken Edgewood College to its core. It was so profound and disturbing that Tony Chambers, the Vice President for Student Development had to address it through a community missive. Mr Chambers writes:

“Over the past week, there have been increasing reports of hateful acts on college and university campuses across the country. Covert micro-aggressions and overt macro-aggressions appear to have taken on a new fervor in higher education since our national election. To be clear, these types of acts have been on the rise for many years, however, the frequency, boldness and severity with which hateful acts have been occurring recently has, for many, signaled a new era of intolerance, fear and mistrust in higher education, as well as throughout or nation.”

Mr. Chambers continued, “Last weekend, our campus was visited by an act of cowardly hatred. One of our students initiated a process by which students (…and others) could express their feelings about the election outcome by writing their feelings on sticky notes and placing them on a table located in Wingra Commons.”

Apparently, during the outpouring of sentiment and hurt feelings resulting from the presidential election, someone was heartless and “hateful” enough to leave this:

Edgewood College

That’s right. This “hateful act” was a message, hand written on a sticky note, like so may others that were left by students free to share their points of view, as long as it was part of the common view. The common view in this instance was hurt feelings over a Donald Trump presidential victory. The note in question, although crude, basically called them out for their severely hurt feelers over a presidential election. Regardless where you stand politically, democracy was on display and the candidate who won, won because it was done in a democratic manner.

But there’s more. This message of hate caused emotional anguish to those who witnessed it. Mr. Chambers said, “A great deal of fear, sadness and anger among students, faculty and staff resulted-especially for those that gather in the OSDO space. The message was hateful and harmful toward members of our community. It violated every value that this institution considers to be at its core”.

This statement makes you wonder if we’re looking at the same note.

So the school of course has determined that this note (which basically tells those crying over the election to grow up and move on with their lives) is in fact considered to be a “hate crime” and will be investigated by the “College’s Student Conduct Process.” We have been advised that the college’s police department was told to investigate this crime.

We received word that the investigation will begin immediately following group counseling and before nappy time.

Somebody needs to inform these people that you can’t just declare something to be a crime because you don’t like it, just like Zarna Joshi can’t declare that bad jokes are a crime against women. Crimes are legally defined under law, and leaving this sticky note is not a crime, and crybabies are not a protected class of people under any hate crime laws.

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