DUI Driver Drives Home with Body in Windshield

Stacy Sanchez DUI driver with body in windshield

DUI Suspect Esteysi Sanchez who with body in windshield

Early Monday morning in Oceanside, CA, Esteysi Sanchez was driving home from a night of drinking when she struck a man with her car. She was traveling so fast, that when she hit the victim, the force of the impact ripped his leg off, it flew through her back window, and landed on the trunk of her car. The victim’s body was left impaled through the windshield. This event didn’t bother Sanchez enough to stop, as she kept driving home for another .75 miles. She crashed through residential landscaping, and then got out and walked into her nearby house. When she arrived home, her husband called the police and medics.

Washington Post reports:

At the scene of the collision, police found the victim’s shoes and pants, which contained keys and identification, alongside shards of Sanchez’s windshield. Police then questioned Sanchez who admitted to drinking and driving, Brandt told The Post. She has been booked into the Vista Detention Facility for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. It remains unclear if she has retained a lawyer, according to the Associated Press.

Edwin Esparza claimed to have witnessed the crash while changing the oil in his car in the early morning.

“There’s no words to really describe it. I mean, just seeing that up close and personal, it’s kind of traumatizing in a way,” Esparza told KNSD.

His brother echoed the sentiment.

“My brother went to go investigate the car, and he said he saw a body in there,” Edgar Esparza told the station. “It’s, like, really disturbing. I never really saw a dead body until now.”

One of Sanchez’s neighbors said he noticed the car but didn’t want to take a closer look, since he could tell it was an upsetting scene.

“Horrific. Yeah, I’ve never in my whole life have I heard a story like this,” Lou Torres told KNSD. “It was so strange that I couldn’t imagine any scenario that would cause this.”

Morbid as the details of the case are, it’s by no means the first of its kind. Last week, 30-year-old Maria Lentini was charged with leaving the scene of an incident without reporting, first degree endangerment, and refusal to submit a breath test. She is accused of killing Patrick Duff in Clifton Park, N.Y., by hitting him with her BMW in December. Court documents said she drove around with his body impaled in the BMW’s windshield for more than an hour, WTEN reported.

When you are stuck on hours of administrative DUI paperwork, just remember incidents like this. Every DUI off of the road is potential lives saved.