Severely Injured Hero Detective Brite Receives Christmas Miracle

Hero Detective Brite got a holiday miracle when he was discharged from the hospital.

Hero Detective Brite got a holiday miracle when he was discharged from the hospital.

Douglas County Detective Brite Home For Christmas

Douglas County, CO –  It will truly be a Christmas miracle this year for Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Detective Dan Brite.  DC Sheriff’s Detective Brite was released from the hospital Thursday after being shot in September.  His homecoming was very emotional.

DCSO SWAT Detective Dan Brite was initially shot on September 2, 2016.  He and other Officers had responded to a call of a despondent man with a gun, who was near a school and a hospital.  When DCSO Detective Brite and other Officers arrived, the suspect, who was heavily armed, immediately began shooting at them. Officers returned fire and DCSO Detective Brite was shot.  The suspect fled and continued shooting at Officers and civilians.  He was shot and killed by a Parker Police Officer.  No one else was injured.

DCSO Detective Brite was shot in his chest through the side of his vest, which was a life-threatening injury and required immediate surgery.  After he was shot, he was picked up by other Officers and placed in the back of a vehicle, where he received initial treatment from a SWAT medic (a paramedic who is part of the SWAT team).  Tony Spurlock, Douglas County Sheriff, said “His care was critical to getting us here today. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for the quick-thinking of the officer and the SWAT paramedic.”

Upon arrival to Parker Adventist Hospital, doctors started resuscitation and aggressive measures to save Detective Dan Brite’s life.  He was then taken into surgery with severe internal injuries.  Doctors initially gave Detective Brite a one percent chance to survive the gunshot that had penetrated his side, stomach, lung, and spleen.

Multiple blood drives were held,in his honor and over $50,00 in donations towards his medical care have been received.  According to Detective Brite, it was “his never give up approach to life” that he credits in part to his survival.  He was released six months earlier than expected.  As he left the hospital, DCSO Detective Brite signed on for duty, the first time since that fateful morning of September 2, 2016.

The DCSO drove Detective Brite home in the “Bear Cat”,which is a tactical vehicle.  His wife Christine and daughters were there to accompany him.  But there was a stop first at the Douglas County Justice Center, where friends, firefighters, and co-workers lined the street to honor him.

DCSO Detective Brite is still paralyzed and unable to move his legs. Doctors have said they are unsure if he will walk again. Detective Brite said ‘he believes in miracles and he will do everything in his power to ensure that he does walk again some day.”  He is learning a new set of life skills and is in extensive rehab. Both Detective Brite and his wife Christine said that the next 18 months are crucial for him in his attempts to walk again. They asked for continued prayers.

DCSO Hero Detective Dan Brite is a father, husband, brother, Detroit Lions fan, former Marine, and highly-trained SWAT Officer.

We believe in miracles and send our thoughts and prayers to Hero DCSO Detective Dan Brite, his family, and his blue family.  Thank you Detective Brite for your courage and commitment to the citizens that you serve.

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