Why Police Are Encouraged By A Donald Trump Presidency

While others waged war, Donald Trump spoke up for law enforcement.

While others waged war, Donald Trump spoke up for law enforcement.

Police Are Encouraged By A Donald Trump Presidency

It’s no secret that many in law enforcement supported a Donald Trump presidency, and the men and women in blue have good cause to celebrate his monumental victory. While the war on police has been in full-swing, Donald Trump was the presidential candidate who told the world that he was going to stand up for our police officers.

The life of a police officer is inherently difficult, but it’s never been more so than in the past few years. Stemming from so-called “movements” like Black Lives Matter, with baseless ideologies fueling agendas that have nothing to do with the social good, we have been attacked and villainized by the media for ratings, politicians for votes, corporations for profits, and athletes and celebrities for popularity. We have been ridiculed, spit on, assaulted and murdered. Our loved ones bear the painful burden of watching us leave for our increasingly dangerous shifts, having no idea whether we’ll return. When we do return, we’re just a little bit different than when we left.

In the realm of politics, few have offered the support we deserve. Certainly we weren’t supported by President Barack Obama, nor from the presumed heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump however, has.

In the post-mortem of the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, one of the primary points that has been made by the media as a whole was that President-Elect Trump shocked the world because of his ability to connect with the common, working-class people of our nation; primarily the blue collar workers who have been long forgotten. The people he addressed also included those who wear the blue. Clinton chose not to, which it seems, contributed to her political demise.

Trump has bravely shown strong, unabashed support for the men and women in law enforcement. In nearly every campaign appearance, he spoke of us and he spoke to us. He spoke of the harsh and undeserved treatment we’ve received and the growing dangers we face daily. He grieved with us as we buried our heroes; many the victims of hate, planted by seeds of anti-police propaganda and fed by a biased media. 

Trump spoke at length regarding the “Rule of Law” and the need to support police in our efforts to combat inner-city violence, for better training and equipment, and to assist us in our efforts to help communities all across the country plagued by crime. 

Of course, we have also felt the support of the vast majority of those we serve; the law-abiding citizens who appreciate what we do and the sacrifices we make, those who want nothing more than to live in a safe environment and raise their families without fear. Their support is greatly appreciated and continues to help us through some very tough times.

We’re no less encouraged and grateful that because Americans have spoken, we will now have the support of the next President of the United States, who from all accounts, truly believes that Blue Lives Matter.

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