Trump Shuts Down CNN Reporter Jim Acosta On Live TV

Donald Trump refused to participate in CNN's nonsense.

Donald Trump refused to participate in CNN’s nonsense.

Donald Trump Shuts CNN Reporter Down

New York – President elect Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter Jim Acosta during his first press conference since election day.

Everyone is starting to see through CNN’s false reporting, including president elect Donald Trump. Watch the video below that shows the president elect completely shutting down CNN Reporter Jim Acosta at the press conference:

On Wednesday, January 11th, president elect Donald Trump took the stage in New York for his first press conference since he was elected and it went exactly as you would expect. President Elect Trump called out Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, big pharmaceutical, the Veterans Affairs, and of course, fake news agencies like CNN and Buzzfeed.

I’m not really going to get into the CNN and Buzzfeed vs. Trump debacle that’s been taking place recently, even though it’s hilarious that their “reporting” may have been an intricate prank put together by the 4chan community. For more on that, check out this article on the Gateway Pundit about how a 4chan user made it all up and e-mailed it to CNN, who did zero fact checking and ran with the story.

There are two reasons why Trump calling out CNN is appropriate for a Blue Lives Matter article:

  1. Trump is a firm supporter of the law enforcement community. We’ve done several articles on the president elect calling the family members of slain police officers, feeding police officers, and making very positive changes for police officers.
  2. But more importantly, CNN still owes everyone an apology for playing a big part in Charlotte almost being destroyed following the fatal shooting of violent criminal Keith Scott.

On September 20th, 2016 police officers confronted Keith Scott, a convicted violent felon holding a gun, outside of an apartment building in Charlotte, NC. After several officers told Scott over 10 times to drop the gun, he was shot and killed by police. Many news agencies ran the video showing police asking Scott to drop the gun. CNN edited the clip, making it look like Scott’s wife pleaded with police to not shoot and they fired without warning. Watch that clip below:

The resulting riots cost Charlotte taxpayers $4.6 million dollars and caused a state of emergency in Charlotte for nearly a week.

This isn’t the first time though that CNN has intentionally edited a video to make police look bad. Last August, CNN reporter Carol Costello was forced to apologize on air after editing a video pertaining to the shooting of Sylville Smith. In the video, Smith’s sister called for rioters to burn down the suburbs, but Costello just happened to leave that whole part out in order to change the narrative of what happened.

For more information on how CNN fueled police hate throughout 2016:

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