Dominique Green Live Streamed Himself Hiding Drugs On A Traffic Stop

Dominique Green: Stupid criminal

Dominique Green: Stupid criminal

Dallas, Texas – Dominique Green live streamed himself hiding drugs and taunting police during a traffic stop.

Officer Trotter witnessed 24-year-old Dominique Green make a turn without using his turn signal, and the officer initiated a traffic stop for the violation. It started off as just a regular stop, until Green wouldn’t produce a drivers license or tell the officer his name. Green starts off by telling the officer that he didn’t do anything wrong so he didn’t have to show ID or tell the officer his name. He stated that he “knows his laws”.

Dominique Green asks officer Trotter for a supervisor and tells him that he refuses to speak to him anymore. Green then speaks to officer Trotter some more. The extremely patient officer then calls for backup and a supervisor. Officer Trotter goes back to his car to wait for the supervisor and additional units.

While Trotter is waiting for the other units to arrive, Dominique Green continues to stream the incident to his friends on Facebook. In the video, Green tells all his friends on Facebook that he was pulled over for being black on a Friday. He also tells all his friends on Facebook that he has drugs on his person, that he needs to hide before the cops come back. You can see Green looking in his rear-view mirror while he hides his drugs in the car.

Dominique Green continues to talk trash about the officers and even revs his engine at one point to and says that he “I could take off on these bitches”, referring to police. Green also stands out of his car and screams “Black Lives Matter” at the officers. When the supervisor arrives, Green tells him that he doesn’t want to roll down his window because he is scared for his life. The supervisor tells him that they are not bad guys and at that point Officer Trotter opens the driver door. Trotter resists arrest and tells everyone on Facebook that he has to go, because “he’s about to wile out” on the officers.

Green ends up spitting in Trotters face and trying to kick the back window out of the patrol car on the way to jail. Officers also report that Green threatened to kill Trotter, his wife, and sexually assault Trotter’s daughter. He told Trotter “when I get out I’m going to hunt you down”.

Dominique Green now face 11 charges, instead of just one little turn signal ticket. His bail has been set at $229,500.