Massachusetts Man Threatens To Kill Police On Facebook After They ‘Stole’ His DJ Equipment

Nathan Cantino threatened to kill cops for taking his computer in a search warrant.

Nathan Cantino threatened to kill cops for taking his computer in a search warrant.

Nathan Cantino Threatens Police On Facebook

Littleton, MA – A DJ, Nathan Cantino, took to Facebook on Friday and threatened to kill police officers because they seized his computer and DJ equipment with “no explanation.”

On his post, Cantino said that the police took the items and did not give him an explanation, according to TurtleBoy who dug up the posts on this human-garbage (feel free follow them if you aren’t offended by foul language.)

Cantino, age 41, said that he was out of business, and homeless as well, because he was living at home and his parents freaked out after the search warrant.  In that Facebook post, Cantino said:

“Police stole all my dj music & all the music I made.  All 30+ years, just gone.  No explanation from them.  Nothing.  They just came into my parents home where I lived and took all my business stuff.  Freaked out my parents, so now I’m not only out of business, I’m also homeless. I feel like killing cops is a wrong way to feel.  Yet I’m very confused at why I feel like killing them is the only thing left.  Such a conundrum.”

He continued blaming all of his life’s troubles on police officers in his Facebook posts.

“Thats the search warrant.  No explanation.  And the police put me out of business.  Thousands of dollars in gigs are cancelled now and I’m homeless now.  So not cool.  So not ok.”

People who followed him on Facebook began to question why the police would do such an awful thing to him.  They asked if his music is illegal, and he replied that it was all legal.  He also said that he couldn’t come up with a reason why they would take his property, and it had happened over a month ago.

Nathan Cantino also posted a copy of the search warrant on Facebook.  Only it wasn’t a complete copy, just one page.  The search warrant had this in the narrative:  see Addendum A attached.

On that addendum is the real reason that police seized Cantino’s computer and equipment:  He is being investigated for sharing nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend online.


He called her out in a June 27 Facebook post because she didn’t want to marry him or have his kids after being in a relationship with him for five years, and would rather have a child with someone that she’d known for two months, according to Cantino.

There are different reasons for a search warrant to be issued, and on the initial page, certain options can be reviewed, and then the appropriate block checked.  The block checked on that page was:  “is evidence of a crime or is evidence of criminal activity.”  The crime that the police were investigating is also listed in that addendum.  It was for Criminal Harassment.

According to Turtleboy (and Google), This is not the first time that Cantino has been in trouble with police.  In August, 2014, he was arrested by police for domestic assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct, according to The Lowell Sun.  Police said that he was combative and spit at officers.

In August, 2015, Cantino was arrested for assaulting a police officer, threatening, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

In another Facebook post, Cantino said that he has talked to three different attorneys, and that they didn’t have any real reason for what he apparently considers harassment from police officers.

In his Facebook posts, he said:

“…and I won’t go kill cops in a bloddy fashion like they totally deserve for bullying like the stupid shits that deserve to die are…”

“…I feel like killing cops is the wrong way to feel. Yet I’m very confused at why I feel like killing them is the only thing left…”

“I want to better myself… I want to do and be more. All that I built my whole life to do that is gone. What now? Kill the police who took that from me?…”

If you’re an officer in the area, keep an eye out for Nathan Cantino, and stay safe.