Idiots Try To Rob Dixie Gun Store, Briefly Learn Why You Don’t Rob Gun Stores

Two men attempted to rob the Dixie Gun And Pawn store.

Two men attempted to rob the Dixie Gun And Pawn store.

Dixie Gun And Pawn Owner Shoots Armed Robbers

Mableton, Georgia – Two idiots who are unfamiliar with gun stores tried to rob one, and they learned the hard way why you don’t rob gun stores.

Anybody who has ever been into a gun store knows that the employees are all armed. Most thieves know this, and tend to burglarize gun stores at night when the armed employees aren’t around. Unfortunately for the two robbers in this instance, they were either too stupid or ignorant to know better.

The incident happened December 26th around 11 AM. Jimmy Groover was working at Dixie Gun And Pawn when two masked men came in brandishing guns.

“Get down on the floor, get down on the floor or I’ll kill you,” Groover told WMAZ “Then they shot at me.”

Groover responded by drawing his pistol and opening fire. One of the suspects dropped instantly, DRT, while the other fled the scene. That suspect is still on the loose.

“I had no other choice. I had no other choice. I hate that it happened,” Groover told 11Alive. “I’ve been doing this 30 years. Nothing like this has ever happened. I never wanted this to happen but I want to go home at night, too.”

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