Fired Deputy Ben Fields Cleared Of Wrongdoing By DOJ, Gonna Sue The Hell Out Of The Sheriff

Fired Deputy Ben Fields' actions were determined to be justified after a DOJ investigation.

Fired Deputy Ben Fields’ actions were determined to be justified after a DOJ investigation.

Ben Fields Cleared Of Civil Rights Violations

Richland County, SC – Ben Fields, the former Richland County Deputy who was fired after video of a recording of him dealing with a disorderly student went viral, was cleared by the U.S. Department Of Justice of any civil right violations, affirming that his use of force was reasonable. Now Ben Fields is suing Sheriff Leon Lott, the Richland County Sheriff’s Officer, and Richland School District Two.

On October 26th, 2015, Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields was called to a classroom for a disorderly female at Spring Valley High School. Fields was the school resource officer and have previously been recognized by the school district for his excellence. Prior to Field’s arrival, a school teacher and administrator had asked the female to leave the classroom because she had been causing a disturbance.

Ben Fields arrived and tried to speak with the student, who refused to cooperate. That’s when other students broke out their cameras to record the incident.

After refusing to get up when being asked, Deputy Fields grabbed the female’s arm to stand her up. She pulled back and resisted. Deputy Fields then moved in to grab the student’s chin, in a common law enforcement control hold. People normally move in the direction that their chin is being pulled and the student should have just stood up, unharmed. Instead, she made a fist and hammered it into the side of the Deputy’s head.

You can see the video of the incident here:

Deputy Ben Fields remained calm after being hit. The student threw her weight back and between her shifted weight and the Deputy pulling on her, the desk flipped over. Deputy Fields then dragged the female across the floor to a place where he could safely gain control of her.

Make no mistake, Deputy Ben Fields was legally justified in using a lot more force than he did. He was punched in the face, but rather than striking the student back, he acted calmly to get her under control, no doubt taking into account that he was dealing with a female juvenile. Considering the facts and circumstances, there’s no reasonable way that Deputy Field’s actions could be considered excessive force.

Unfortunately, that’s not how most of America saw it. All they saw was a large man grab a female student for no apparent reason, “bodyslam” her to the ground, and violently drag her away. There was a nationwide call for Deputy Fields to be fired and incarcerated. Sheriff Leon Lott is either a fool or a coward and he answered their call. Sheriff Lott fired Deputy Ben Fields over the incident. Subsequent criminal investigations showed that there was no criminal wrongdoing. And now the Department of Justice has decided what was readily apparent in the video, Deputy Ben Fields never used excessive force.

We wish the fired Deputy Ben Fields luck in his lawsuit.

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  • Pamelita243

    Too often administration and local politicians fear the public’s reaction and think to prevent what is common now…rioting, looting and millions of dollars in damage (and overtime.) I’d like to see these admins stand tall and back up their men and women as their first reaction. If investigation proves wrong-doing, then take appropriate action against that LEO. It’s bad enough we have the media, racist groups like BLM, and even our own President and his cronies taking aim at cops, they should at least feel like their department has their back.

    • Connie G. Rode

      Well stated!


    He had more patience than I would have had.

  • CarolinaCries

    She and another girl planned this for a lawsuit. She was playing music in the classroom and refused to stop when the teacher asked her to. The teacher then told her to leave the classroom. She refused that too. The Asst. Principal was called and he again told her to leave the classroom and turn off the music, again she refused. Next the Principal was called and told her to come with him and of course she refused. The last resort was the Resource Officer, she refused him too. He acted appropriately to get her out of the classroom. Had she not locked herself into that desk and hit him, she would have never been harmed. She did it to herself, yet played the victim very well. She got thousands from a go fund me page and of course filed a lawsuit for the Ghetto Lottery. Her accomplice that was filming for her, got no punishment at all. For those saying she didn’t deserve being handled that way, all she had to do was comply. The other students in that classroom had a right to learn that day and she took that right away from them by her actions. I hope he sues everyone involved, including her guardian and gets enough money for life. He earned it.

    • Sarah

      I really hope the Officer gets a considerable amount of money for all the stress he was put through.

      Those two witches should get kicked out of school and court ordered to home schooling.

      Let the parents deal with them and put up with those cons in training.

      • Lovemesomerotties

        My mother would’ve kicked the crap outta me for pulling this …not sure if that’s the case here.

    • Connie G. Rode

      Thanks for the back story! Justice finally prevails.

    • Carter Hayes

      I do not believe she filed a suit actually she told her guardian it was not a big deal the day it happened after the Guardian found out about it from another source

      • Carter Hayes

        There was also another female arrested for her behavior during the incident.

        Both deserved it.

    • JustTruth

      I think the other students learned something from her, if they disrespect adults they will get their butt kicked! Lets hope they took notice 😀

      • Nick Nitro

        Yea It’s called child abuse, and it’s a felony…..

    • Shawn Pavlik

      If this happens now, they usually clear the classroom of other students. For the safety of the other students. Surprised that was not done in this case. He could have pepper sprayed her or tasered her, she should consider herself lucky.

      • Nick Nitro

        Yea she was armed and dangerous all 75 pounds a real threat ….

        • Annie Oakley

          LOL, that heifer weighs more than 75 pounds!

          Besides, although we are weaker, females are much more unpredictable in a fight and are more likely to successfully land blows capable of inflicting injury.

          Short men, all females and anyone who chooses to fight with a knife even if a gun is available are all very dangerous opponents.

  • Jacogrl

    It’s clear that she swung on him and I’m quite sure there was a pronounced build up to what little bit of dramatic actions we see, what saddens me is the fact that the video only shows a small portion of what led up to the incident, and guarded, defensive Americans take that little clip and make a decision, cut and dry. The video is unacceptable and should show the full story. How can society expect people to act or respond in the appropriate manner when they’re misguided and many times targeted by the media (and the person recording) to get a reaction worthy of ratings. The media should have a responsibility not to accept or air such crap. No one seems to care that these type of media tactics are dividing America and no one wants to take a stand. Today more than ever we should be united as a country and focus on fighting terrorists. I pray that with all of the focus Americans have had to put towards hating and killing of innocent people based on one-sided media coverage, that we haven’t already let the plan for the next major terrorist attack worm it’s way throughout, unnoticed. Snap out of it people, take a look at the new president we’re about to swear into office… We may all have to unite and fight to keep this country from the enemy soon, this country so many American’s stand against.

    • Nick Nitro

      What you are really saying is the terrorist have won,? As an American I am concerned with the loss of our liberties due to the exploitation of fear, through the war on terror. How many domestic terrorists have we locked up, so far in this country post 911? A citizen in America, is 9 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a Terrorist. (FACT LOOK IT UP..)”Terrorism” is manufactured by the government (hoaxes, false flags, etc.) in order to usher in the New World Order. Remember that. People who give up freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both. Ben Franklin……

  • Kathleen Eaton

    I had to watch it several times (second angle) to be sure, but it’s very clear he had to brace himself as she flung her body backwards and caused the chair to go flying. There is just no way he bodyslammed her and no way he caused that chair to flip considering the position of his body. She caused that chair to shove backward while he was trying to brace himself.

  • Ormar

    Only the AA community was upset.

  • Daniel Ochoa

    Anybody know if the justice department goes to present charges to that little animal who cause all this problems? she has to pay something, like this other animals think twice before they make this kind of mess. the money is not going to fix all the mental problems the officer suffer. he was trashed by the people. also the city has to bring all those who called to make Fields fired and charge them with violations against Officer Fields. maybe they will think better before they open their big mouth, before the investigation come to and end

    • Shawn Pavlik

      My guess is she was likely suspended or possibly expelled due to her behavior.

  • Connie G. Rode

    So glad DOJ got it right!!

  • basscop

    Just as the Police Officer in Ferguson, Mo was Cleared by DOJ, their lives have been shattered. No penalty for lying or staging a plan to sue and it’s hard to prove. Lib Media like MSNBC and CNN just add fuel to the fire.. Clock Boy goes the White House, Hands Up Don’t Shoot was DOJ proven lie and remember when the media Invented White Hispanic term to make Trevon Martin a race case when it was two people of color. To bad he couldn’t sue these media outlets that promote stories to be racists.

  • Charles

    He will get moneys and should also had he Chief of Police fired also

  • Linda Jean

    I hope he sues the sheriff, the school and the parents of this undisciplined brat!

  • avgjoe

    For the LIEberals out there I will type very slowly so your small closed LIEberal mind might have a chance of following. 1st the officer was called to the room because the broad was causing problems. Did you notice none of the other kids in class even reacted?

  • Teasip

    The officer exercised much more restraint than I would have. He deserves all he can get from a suit. The girl was obviously a potential BLM member in training.

  • Larry Danik

    Excessive force?!!! HELL NO!!!!! He did the right thing.

  • keith63

    She got what she asked for. She was given the opportunity to cooperate and she refused. She wanted to do it the hard way and then complained about it.

  • TM

    Sheriff Leon Lott IS a fool, IS a coward and IS getting sued. I hope the payout is enormous.

  • TM

    The former deputy also needs to sue the student and her accomplice.

  • Good, the media made her out as another poor victim of an angry white cop totally out of control. What I am amazed at is the Obama DOJ Civil Rights Division cleared him. I guess there are some people with integrity that haven’t been purged.

  • Nick Nitro

    OK officer blue, I hope an officer does not do that to one of your children, 200 lbs cop against a 75 lbs child? I bet you all would change your tune if it was your kid he tossed across the room.. There is no reason for any police to be handling discipline on kids in public schools, that’s the principals problem not law enforcement .. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police officers at all levels of the government have no duty to protect the citizens of this country. It is the job of police officers to issue traffic citations, investigate crimes and arrest criminals.
    To protect and to serve is just a motto…. When maintaining the law personal opinion & emotion need to be left at home.

    • John Waltrip

      I was the school resource officer, and what this student did is a crime. She refused to leave when asked, if the story is correct, by three adults. The Teacher, Asst. Principle, & Principle so this starts out a simple trespassing. She up the charges by battery on a law enforcement officer, also changes to aggravated trespass. (see post by CarolinaCries) I really love your line “When maintaining the law personal opinion & emotion need to be left at home.” He did! He never called her names, used the race card, or returned the blow after SHE HIT HIM! He did not let raw emotion take over and strike her back!!!

      • Nick Nitro

        So.. he was fired for no reason? That’s a child not an adult. No one should use excessive force on a child,parents, teachers or police are not excluded. The school is responsible for her safety,they are to blame for calling the officer into the classroom. My other comment was directed at the other posts on this blog. And let’s not pretend that racism doesn’t exist in this country,the Chicago Police Department is a perfect example of what’s going on with police today. When a group of people are told that there is a war against them, they rarely check the facts before ramping up their ‘defenses’. Police are being fed a false narrative about increasing dangers that is not borne out by facts. Yet it is likely that the climate of fear being created by this narrative is driving officers into paranoid fear that will eventually manifest in more tragedies, as their instincts and emotions take over for rational response. Flat tops, sunglasses, body armor, hand guns, shot guns, rifles, pepper spray, tasers and tanks. Cops are more worried about how to get the next weapon against us then they are about serving the public. They refer to us as “civilians” as if we are in a war zone. WE ARE THEIR ENEMIES Cops are trained to treat all people as a threat. In their eyes that makes us their enemy. They don’t look for respect: it’s obedience that they want.

        • tammie

          Line of Duty Deaths: 140, Kinda Blows your false narrative to hell.

          • Nick Nitro

            963 people have been shot and killed by police in 2016

        • John Waltrip

          Please call my former partners wife and tell her that! He was stabbed to death by a 12 year old boy caught shoplifting.*** Yes he was let go as a knee jerk reaction and community pressure. Later cleared of any wrong doing. It was not excessive force, student pushed her self and desk over backwards. I do agree that a few officers are not out for the best, but the vast majority are good people trying to do a good job. When I started way back in 1981 people treated law enforcement way differently then 2017.

          • Nick Nitro

            Yes,but your leaving out the part when he throws her across the room. Why do you think law enforcement are being treated differently today? I’m not saying that all cops are bad, and believe it or not I’m not a cop hater. And since when are the school cops there to handle or discipline students? Yes,times have changed,no doubt, I’m not sure the training these officers are being given today has changed much in the past 20 years. My condolences to your partners wife.

          • Annie Oakley

            He didn’t throw her across the room. He pulled her across the floor to a place where he could finish subduing and restraining her.

        • Shawn Pavlik

          So, Nick, what would you have the officer do? She failed to comply with 3 adults. Just let her sit there and disrupt the class? That’s why schools are having so much trouble today. Get a clue. If she had simply complied with a reasonable order to turn off her music, this never would have happened. Instead, she assaulted a police officer. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

          • Nick Nitro

            So we need to resort to violence? Did anybody bother to check on her mental state?? Maybe some personal problems at home? We’re suppose to have intelligent people in our schools, who should be trained in child psychology, It’s a natural reaction to fight back when being attacked.. How about moving the class out of the room??? Disrupting the class is a crime??? My point is THIS IS NOT A POLICE MATTER period…Call her parents or guardian and have them take her out of there.

        • Annie Oakley

          The “age of reason” is 7 years old. At 7 years of age, a typical human has sufficient mental capacity to be able to tell right from wrong (as described in the 10Commandments) and adjust their behavior to conform.

          A 2nd grader would have known what the 15-year-old had done and was continuing to do was wrong. What’s the matter with you that you can’t understand that the 15-year-old is in the wrong here?

          • Nick Nitro

            School resource officers can only interfere when criminal activity is established,had this been a white female student or your own child I highly doubt you would side with the officer’s actions. “Too often, these teachers in these schools are calling on the cops
            because they have a disruptive student in the classroom,” he said. “This
            is not a cop’s job.”
            Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott Oh, the students refer to him as officer SLAM

  • DMZ


  • Beauford T. Justice

    Yet again, another criminal goes free. No police accountability at all.

    • Shawn Pavlik

      Ha! Good one.

  • fed-up

    she lucky…when you hit a LEO we usually tend to hit back hard…

  • Darren Wilkens

    Liberals are disgusting creatures!

  • Darren Wilkens

    He should have beat the crap out of the thug!

  • Celeste R. Kirksey-Gallagher

    He did what was needed to bring her under control. There is ONE common fact in ALL of these use of force cases. They did not listen! No respect for themselves or the law. Shameful!

    • Nick Nitro

      Comply or die right!

  • Tina Vidrine

    Needs to sue the parents of the girl too. They caused the problem.

  • Richard Deldonna

    Maybe if the parents did some of this, the officer wouldn’t have to.

  • Cindy Lou You

    She needed an ass whooping by her parents, and she wouldn’t have pulled this crap. She’s a laughing stock now.

  • Martin B. Lutz

    …..Mother and father need to instill….following directions, obey authority…teachers, police. RESPECT other students.

  • jjimmydutch

    He will get millions, and he should. Rename the county with his name

  • wwoneflyingace

    Disturbing Schools Law for South Carolina
    SECTION 12. Section 16-17-420 of the 1976 Code
    (A) It shall be unlawful:
    (1) For any person willfully or unnecessarily (a) to interfere with or to
    disturb in any way or in any place the students or teachers of any school or
    college in this State, (b) to loiter about such school or college premises or
    (c) to act in an obnoxious manner thereon; or (2) For any person to (a)
    enter upon any such school or college premises or (b) loiter around the
    premises, except on business, without the permission of the principal or
    president in charge.
    (B) Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty
    of a misdemeanor and, on conviction thereof, shall pay a fine of not more
    than one thousand dollars or be imprisoned in the county jail for not more
    than ninety days.
    (C) The summary courts are vested with jurisdiction to hear and dispose of cases involving a violation of this section. If the person is a child as defined by Section 63-19-20, jurisdiction must remain vested in
    the Family Court.”

    • Nick Nitro

      That statue does not include the students… Person,persons? where does it state that this applies to any students that attend that school? Officers should not be involved in school discipline that doesn’t involve criminal behavior.

      • Annie Oakley

        You don’t think students are people? In any other setting in that school, the students are considered people (persons). Elevator capacity, the number of bathrooms included in the building plans, meal planning in the cafeteria, how many school buses will be needed by that school, the number of exits in the building, the number of teachers & staff hired to run the school and teach the students….all this counts the students as “persons”. The law cited applies to the students, too.

  • Jungldvl

    GREAT ! Mr. Fields go after the Sheriff and the School District for all they are worth…….. and the News Media for promoting a LIE !

  • David E Brown

    when you start a fight you just might get one

  • David E Brown

    I agree the Sheriff is a coward, not a leader. I trust this Deputy will now get a better job than he had before.

  • PDW

    The officer was only doing his job and doing it well. the Sheriff’s Dept. caved in because of political pressure and did not stand behind their officer. It will take years for this fine officer to get his life back in order, so yes he should sue and get compensation from his Dept. that wouldn’t back him like they were supposed to!

  • Terry Mack

    The sheriff is a fool who caved to pressure from the Obama Administration.